It was suggested to us that there was art in Miami this week, and that we would be happy to see it, and quite foolish not to. So we attended NADA, to see if this was true.

Day Three.

Near NADA, but not as near as we had hoped, was Sandbar. It’s a bit of a diamond in the rough, and has a happy hour that will fill you with cheap drinks, sketchy pasta, and unease.

Across the street was Miami Project, with this piece I’m sure dedicated to tomorrow’s Jamie XX show.

This fair was actually killer, but we buzzed through it like we had places to be.

We had been wishing for tropical weather, but hadn’t thought it all the way through. When it started raining so badly that we had to take our shoes off between the cab and our apartment, we knew we had over-wished.

Not to be excessively rained on, our parade continued to Shake Shack, where Tumblr had convinced them to give away free burgers, snacks, and hope for a better tomorrow.

This dog was getting a lot of attention.

Actually quite a lot.

Too much in fact. It was hard to focus on anything with her around, so we had to leave.

Edition’s Basement hodgepodge of bar / bowling / skating rink was confusing, but in a good way.

Some guy named A-Trak was just DJing like we had planned it that way.

Time to lace up. We are Canadian after all.

We had all had a bit too much to dream last night.

In the other room, Horse Meat Disco were grilling up some filthy flavours.

A rare selfie, to check my makeup.

Oh, who is this, coming to take my breath away? Coming just in time to beat the clock? The man we’ve all heard on the radio. Again and again like a neverending story? Who is this knight in white satin, here to rescue us all from here to eternity? I have no idea, but he sounded A LOT like Giorgio Moroder.

We went home before things got too wild.

And ordered the largest pizza that could fit down our hallway.