My liver left me an angry message on my voicemail last night.

Day Four.

Friday is family day in Florida, so I hit the early bird special with the Great Poppa. I needed a hug after so much craziness.

Jamie XX was playing in Wynwood, which is a neighbourhood from the future.

Jamie XX is very cool and so of course he played an all vinyl set.

He played Radiohead, just to see how it sounded on speakers the size of a school bus. Everything in it’s right place.

Disco happened in a very big way.

This song was very uplifting, as you can see.

The show was brought to us by Young Turks, III Points and the largest disco ball allowable under Florida law.

Four Tet finished the night off.

Sometimes 4am looks like this.

Then we went to this new bar where you have to stand on an air conditioner while you contemplate your own mortality.