Arquiste Eau de Toilette for J.Crew

Arquiste for J.Crew

This fall J.Crew launches their first ever signature fragrances called Arquiste No. 57 and Arquiste No. 31 in collaboration with the notable perfumery. The scents begin their journey evoking the 1940’s art scene in New York, master perfumer Carlos Huber was inspired by Peggy Guggenheim’s influential exhibition Exhibition by 31 Women back in 1943, when creating the fragrances with Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Yann Vasnier.

Naturally both perfumes are made from the rarest ingredients and are all about female empowerment and familiar scents of the past. The No. 57 fragrance is a woody mix of aromatics including aged whiskey, cedarwood and oakwood combined with cinnamon bark, labdanum, and vanilla bean, making it an interested unisex scent. The No. 31 fragrance is a little more provocative with notes of bold sweet vermouth, eau-de-vie, and Bulgarian rose blended with patchouli, plum, and oak moss, 31 make an avant-garde statement.

We had a chance to give both scents a try, and while we can definitely say we’d lean more toward No. 57, both fragrances are absolutely delicious. Available starting September 23rd, both fragrances come in a 10ml rollerball for $30 and 50ml bottle for $92 and will be available online and in store at all J.Crew locations.

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