Meet arcana: a new, innovative brand, passionate about connecting people with nature. Created, among others, by two cannabis veterans, Alan Gertner (Tokyo Smoke) and Felicia Snyder, the company’s first initiative is a pair of architectural cabins in the wild, about two hours north of Toronto.

The word ‘cabin’ belies these stunning suites. At 275 square feet, the structures are clad in reflective, polished stainless steel, making them almost invisible in the forest. Surrounded by windows, the luxurious sleeping space aims to minimize the distinction between inside and out. The experience includes contactless check in, a private sauna, hikes, forest bathing and, most unique of all, a custom meditative sound journey, from NYC’s Woom Center and The Dojo Upstate. The goal? Connecting people with nature, through evidence-backed science of the impact of nature on our well-being. The timing, during a global pandemic when mental health is at an all-time fragility, couldn’t be better. Pre-book for stays beginning in August, pending provincial lockdown restrictions.


Watch out for more from arcana, launched in 2021. The brand creates science-based holistic rituals and content, to provide people with the opportunity to access nature’s restorative benefits from anywhere. Visit