Arcade Fire ‘The Suburbs’ Tracklist Revealed

With the immense and intense popularity of Arcade Fire, I sometimes forget that they are only two albums deep into their career, with the third LP, The Suburbs, on its way. Set for a August 3 release date via Merge, this album is set to takeover the rest of 2010. With a series of secret shows, and twitter PR stunts Arcade Fire may just do the impossibly and sell actual records in this day and age when people no longer buy records. So far, four songs have been released on the net, “The Suburbs” , Month of May”, “Ready to Start” and “We Used to Wait”, but following a twitter blast via @arcadefire less then an hour ago we now know that there is an addition 12 songs expected for the album. This makes it a grand total of 16 songs for their third album, which is their most robust offering to date. If the rest of the album is as strong as the four singles we’ve been priviliage to hear so far, then it is going to be a remarkable album. Perhaps even up there for best of 2010.

Check out the ENTIRE Suburbs tracklisting below:

The Suburbs:

01 The Suburbs
02 Ready to Start
03 Modern Man
04 Rococo
05 Empty Room
06 City With No Children
07 Half Light I
08 Half Light II (No Celebration)
09 Suburban War
10 Month of May
11 Wasted Hours
12 Deep Blue
13 We Used to Wait
14 Sprawl I (Flatland)
15 Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
16 The Suburbs (Continued)