Arcade Fire ‘Reflektor’ Album Art & Tracklist

Arcade Fire Reflektor

After things have quieted down after Arcade Fire’s big “Reflektor” reveal a few weeks back, today the band has confirmed that the above album artwork and track list below are indeed real and quite correct.

While we don’t have many more details than that, the pre-purchase of the album comes with advance access to shows in your home town. Buy the advance now or head out and get it on October 29th via Merge.

Experience the interactive video over here and check out the track list below.

Reflektor Tracklist:

01 Reflektor
02 We exist
03 Flashbulb eyes
04 Here comes the night time
05 Normal person
06 You already know
07 Joan of arc
08 Here comes the night time II
09 Awful sound (oh eurydice)
10 It’s never over (oh orpheus)
11 Porno
12 Afterlife
13 Supersymmetry