Arcade Fire RaRa Coffee

Arcade Fire x RaRa Coffee

It was only a matter of time before Win Butler made his own coffee. I mean, if St. Vincent and James Murphy can do it so can Arcade Fire.

As coffee lovers and lovers of Arcade Fire ourselves, we’re pretty pumped about this. Win Butler has partnered with La Colombe Coffee to release a special blend of beans called RaRa, grown in Haiti and roasted in Philly. You can get your hands on it here.

According to La Colombe’s website Butler had the following to say about it:

Being in the mountains of Haiti, it is hard not to think about coffee. The elevation, the sunshine, the soil, and incredible people, who have been growing the plant on tiny family plots for centuries. Haiti is buzzing with potential and possibility, and coffee can be an important part of its rebirth!

I’d heard about what La Colombe was doing with their coffee academy so I approached them to see if they’d make this coffee for me, because coffee is so important to Haiti, and Haiti is so important to me and everyone in the band.

Really happy to share this with you, especially with all the funds going to Partners in Health, The Coffee Academy and Haiti.

Win Butler.