By now we are all thoroughly attached to our iPhone 6s, and to help us with our daily addiction to our phones Apple has introduced their latest accessory, the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case. Never again will we need to worry about our batteries dying because we were taking too many selfies, Snapchatting, and browsing Instagram.
The new battery case gives us a blend of hardware and software, designed as a single unit with a soft elastomer hinge which makes it easy for you to slide the phone in and out of the case. Of course, it’s a case so it has actually protect our phones. Apple has ensured that this case does exactly that, it features a microfiber lining that is colour matched to the case itself, and not only protects your phone while in the case but it also cleans the back of your device whenever you slide it in and out. The case itself also has an added passive coupled antenna which actually boosts your signal strength, alongside an optimized port that enhances your speakers audio. It is also the first Apple case that has a fully featured Lightning connector, something we’re always looking for when we need to charge our phones.
The Smart Battery case also features some pretty handy software, like when you swipe down in the Notifications center you will be able to see not only the battery levels for your phone itself, but the battery pack’s charge as well as the battery level for your Apple Watch. It’s also different than most cases as you can charge the case and your phone at the same time.
The iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case is available now in White and Charcoal Gray from Apple’s online store and select stockists worldwide and runs for $129 CAD.