Instagram Live, Zoom classes, and apps apps apps, it’s safe to say 2020’s workouts looked a lot different than your usual workouts might have. The best part? No more excuses not to take that class because you missed your alarm or had to work late. Just find a time that works for you and start closing those rings. And speaking of all you obsessive ring closers out there, we have some great news – Apple has unveiled their all new Fitness+ platform today built entirely for Watch users right into the Fitness app.

Available on iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV, Fitness+ features studio-style workouts designed to be both “inclusive and welcoming” incorporating key metrics from Apple Watch for a fully immersive experience. For launch they’re offering ten types of workouts including HIIT, Yoga, Dance, Core, Strength and many more, plus mindful cool downs at five or ten minutes each for the perfect stretch at the end of a workout. Available in a range of lengths, the classes are demonstrated by a diverse team of expert coaches and trainers, the workouts are doable for movement seekers of all levels, whether you’re a complete beginner, just looking for an occasional workout, or more in search of a religious daily movement routine. Shot weekly at Apple’s studio in Santa Monica, all of the workouts will refresh weekly and feature a trainer leading the class and another showcasing modifications, so no matter your level, there’s always someone on-screen to check your form.

The workouts are set to curated, rotating playlists created by the trainers, so if you’re vibing to a particular playlist one class, no need to shazam it for later, Apple Music users will be able to view the playlist before the workout and save it for later. You can even follow along with your favourite workout playlist (hello Hip-Hop HIIT) on Apple Music if you’re not using Fitness+ and wanna step outside for run.

Fitness+ intuitively showcases what workouts are great for a given day, so you don’t have to stress about choosing a workout. Simply browse and filter by workout type, trainer, length of class and music genre so you see exactly what you need instead wasting precious workout minutes scrolling for the right class.

With Apple Watch your metrics including heart rate, calorie burn and activity rings automatically integrate and animate right on the screen of your iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV during the workout so you can track your progress without having to check in on your watch. You can also start and stop the workout from your wrist if you need to take a quick call or run to the door to accept a delivery, plus a new Burn Bar feature allows you to check in with other people who have taken the class to see if you’re ahead of the curve or need to hustle a little more (this refreshes every 2-minutes during the workout and is bases on your calorie burn).

Sounds pretty amazing right? There’s just one catch. You currently need an Apple Watch to be able to use Fitness+, but don’t fret if that’s not in your budget right now, Apple Watch has become much more affordable over the years so you can get an Apple Watch Series 6 for as little as $529 CAD. That said, a free trial month is available now for existing Watch users and new customers who purchase an Apple Watch Series 3 or later will receive three free months of Fitness+.

Fitness+ is available now for $12.99 CAD per month or $99.99 CAD per year, can be found in the Fitness App on iPhone and shared with up to six family members.