New Zealand’s Scientific Green Beauty brand Antipodes has unveiled its newest skincare staple, the Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream.

This intensely hydrating water cream features good bacteria, plant-based hyaluronic acid and New Zealand extracts, and is designed to promote healthier-looking skin. The certified vegan formulation delivers a lifeline to any skin type by boosting moisture levels and helping to strengthen the skin’s barrier, optimizing skin recovery overnight.

The sleep-in night cream is enhanced by a host of hydrating bioactive ingredients. Each has been selected for its ability to support healthy skin. Hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the human body, holds up to 1000 times its weight in water and helps to keep cells hydrated. Cruelty-free, natural alternatives to conventional ingredients are central to the green beauty brand’s ethos, so Antipodes uses only high-quality, natural hyaluronic acid sourced from vegetables.

Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream is gentle and suitable for all skin types. Every element – from the cream’s dreamy lilac colouring and cloud-soft texture, to the elegant indigo packaging and pure plant fragrance of deep, fresh rose – has been selected with stressed skin in mind. With Culture, Antipodes invites devotees to sink into a deeply relaxing nightly ritual that provides balance to skin, self, and soul.

To use, gently massage a pea-sized amount into the cleansed skin of face and neck. Use this night cream every evening as part of your relaxing night-time ritual.

Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream is available now at for $70.