When we heard rumours of Animal Collective debuting a new record at the Baltimore airport last week we thought it too good to be true, but now we’re pinching ourselves as they’ve official announced their eleventh full-length album Painting With. Following up their 2012 album Centipede Hz, they recorded Painting With earlier this year at the legendary EastWest Studios in Hollywood, which in the past has played home to sessions by The Beach Boys and Marvin Gaye. With this news they’ve released the first single off the upcoming album; “FloriDada” a thumping kaleidoscopic of sound that is oh so unmistakably Animal Collective. Give “FloriDada” a listen above and check out the lyrics + more album details below.

of limousines
What’s the best place
That you have seen
all of the hands
That you have shook
Home of the queen of everything fancy
Is there a smell
That you can tell
gives you some peace
sends you to hell
all of the beds
That you have yearned
Is there a dream to
where you’d return
Where is the plight
With the most stars
Where do you drink
By Echo guitars
What’s the best shore
Seen from a boat
Miniature heads that
color the shore line
If you could rest
A minute to tell
Get me some grass
Iridescent shells
I know there’s a nest
Fit with a hatch
Sunset a glowin’
Makes us all sweaty

I don’t even know where to begin
or how I should start these days.
The green mountain south or
The Clay of the westerns

The Maryland meadows at midnight they do have a misty grace
Take a trip to blue bayou
Find Roy Orbison cryin’

A continent molded from glass
or maybe a town I can taste. Dresses that glow on
girls from Barcelona

I wanna discover the key
And open the everywhere place
A mix of sky from Montana
dipped in FloriDada


demented men
Where is the place
We can extend
Crooked state lines
Polka dot signs
Say that this place is
a state of mind
Pretty lip girls
Paint me the halls
Not on a street
Not near a mall
Raise me a thumb
From human skin
That isn’t judged by
where it begins
Show me the clams
Show me the pearls
Mail me a note
Sent from a world
That isn’t so far
And always right here
Where all the boundaries
Have disappeared
And all the nights
Are stitched with a glue
That’s sticking to me
And I’ll stick to you
I’ll take your hands
You’ll take my face
And everywhere home will
be a good place

I found myself there a collagin’
With all of the human race
A dancer from Ghana
smiling in Tijuana
I Frankenstein java with touches of Prada
and corn on the plates
A smear of gardenia
in the fair hair of sweden
And maybe I actually visited
some sort of mythical place
Or was it a future
connected by sutures
Oh let’s go get lost in the image
I made of the everywhere place
I see the lads from Osaka
dyed in FloriDada


Where’s the bridge that’s gonna take me home the bridge that someone’s fighting over a bridge that someone’s paying for a bridge so old just let it go

Painting With will have three different covers, featuring each Animal Collective member – Avey Tare, Geologist, and Panda Bear – as painted by Brian DeGraw. Check out the album art and tracklisting below.

Animal Collective Painting With

Painting With Tracklisting
02.   Hocus Pocus
03.   Vertical
04.   Lying In The Grass
05.   The Burglars
06.   Natural Selection
07.   Bagels In Kiev
08.   On Delay
09.   Spilling Guts
10.   Summing The Wretch
11.   Golden Gal
12.   Recycling

Painting With comes out February 19, 2016 on Domino. Pre-order the limited edition vinyl (which comes with a zoetropic turntable slipmat, sticker sheet and more) or grab the digital pre-order via iTunes now.