Andrej Pejic presents ‘Pejic x Snyder Jewelry’

Pejic x Snyder Jewelry

Australian Gender-bending model Andrej Pejic has officially launched her first off-the-runway endeavor with a collaborative jewelry line with New York-based Sam Snyder. The ten-piece collection features rings, bracelets, necklaces and an ear cuff designed by Sam Snyder and his wife Polina Gurtova. Proceeds from the sale of the items will go to the Ali Forney Center, which offers support to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people who are homeless.

Andrej is the first model to have walked in both men’s and women’s runway shows, “because of the duality of my career and my life, I’ve learned about people and psychology,” she says. “The whole collection is a reflection of who I am,” Andrej told us. “Being free is not about defying rules; it’s using rules and manipulating rules to define form.”  Andrej believes social politics is a collective responsibility, adding, “I want to use my media exposure to create something bigger.”

Take a look at the collections lookbook, modeled by Pejic, as well as pieces from the collection. If you like what you see, you can shop it online now.

Pejic x Snyder Jewelry Pejic x Snyder Jewelry Pejic x Snyder Jewelry Pejic x Snyder Jewelry-1 Pejic x Snyder Jewelry-2 Pejic x Snyder Jewelry-3 Pejic x Snyder Jewelry-4 Pejic x Snyder Jewelry-5 Pejic x Snyder Jewelry-6