André for Louis Vuitton

Legendary Parisian street graffiti artist/designer/hotelier André has been designing up a storm for Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2010. Sheild your eyes with the very latest collection of sunglasses he designed for Louis Vuitton, which is showcased in a very un-Louis Vuitton like way, casting trendsetters from Paris and New York to  model the frames. The line is quite iconic to André because he is almost always photographed wearing his sunglasses, even while he is spray painting his famous Monsier A across the world. Each pair of glasses are manufactured specially for Louis Vuitton by craftsmen from Italy’s French region, Morez and Italy’s Cadore region. The shades will be available exclusively across the Louis Vuitton Network in March 2010.

Check out the photo of André above and the majority of the collection below.