An Online Casino May Give Us the Latest Tech?

If there’s one industry that truly allows us to understand the extent to which technology has leapt ahead, it’s the online casino industry. The specific arm of the gaming industry has fans that are often early adopters, who pull down new developments before they hit the mainstream market. Live casino is a prime example of how the online casino industry brought in an aspect of new tech before it has truly been embraced by the mainstream. The concept behind live casino helps replicate the excitement of the physical casino by having a dealer in poker, roulette or blackjack that provides more of an interactive experience. But what other developments are online casinos expecting to benefit from long before other areas of gaming do?

Online tech

The marketing of online casino stands ahead of other industries. Each provider knows how the market sits and how there are other offerings, so each individual online casino offering holds differentiation as an important pillar of business. They also understand how consumers are savvy and need to be enticed into things they may enjoy. By adopting methods such as free spins or bonuses for playing, different sites are able to offer different tailored approaches. For example, the bonuses at Casumo are worth it, as success leads on to the chance of greater winnings as the games progress.

Gamification is another aspect that is creeping into online gaming long before it will inevitably launch elsewhere. The buzzword refers to the personalization and playable nature of almost everything – so each account online will be different and various wins can produce mini-games and personalized content – not just the standard spins for real-money. Greater personalization means that audiences who may be unfamiliar with online gaming are more inclined to have a go and become involved.
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Branching out into other currencies – especially bitcoin and other blockchain cryptocurrencies – is another way the online gaming industry is currently far ahead of everywhere else. While most people have only recently learnt about cryptocurrency, online casinos have been offering bitcoin as a way to receive winnings. By harnessing the power of the newest technological advances, the industry shows that they are willing to forge ahead. Plus, those who haven’t yet indulged in online casino may choose to do so due to the ability to try out new tech before it hits the mainstream.

Online tech

As virtual reality and augmented reality look to be bursting further onto our screens with the Harry Potter Wizards Unite AR game due for release later in 2018, could the online casino industry also gift us with greater examples of how the technology works? Similar to the live casino technology, AR casinos could be used to improve the sociability of online casino. Players could play with one another, their friends, and the dealer. This could be especially interesting in a game like poker, where the reactions and interactions of players become a key aspect of the gameplay.

Whatever the future holds for technology, there’s a good chance that online gaming will experience it first. In turn, that shows to us as consumers that, if we want to experience a new technology we have never heard of, we should turn to online gaming.