Amex UNSTAGED presents Vampire Weekend & Steve Buscemi – EP 2

Amex UNSTAGED Vampire Weekend Steve Buscemi EP 2

From train cars to bowling alleys, Steve Buscemi does his part to get the word out about Vampire Weekend’s  upcoming concert at Roseland Ballroom in NYC. As part of his promotional tour for Vampire Weekend’s American Express UNSTAGED concert and webcast this Sunday, April 28, as the acclaimed actor hands out flyers on the subway and Melody Lanes in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park. “Who doesn’t like vampires?” one woman asks Buscemi right before a classic Big Lebowski quote gets dropped. This videos are doing a great job showing the comedic chemistry the actor and band have with one another. They are distant cousins after all.

Vampire Weekend’s Roseland Ballroom concert on Sunday April 28 at 9pm ET/6pm PT/2am GMT will be live-streamed and fans can get exclusive access to the live stream thanks to American Express Canada by tuning in here. Mark it in your calendars people.

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