They’ve already changed the e-commerce game and now Amazon has its sights set on more IRL conquests with its new convenience store concept, Amazon Go. Located in the company’s hometown of Seattle, the 1800-square foot retail space lets customers grab items they want and just leave without ever passing through a checkout, with the order getting charged to their Amazon account afterwards.

If you’re wondering WTF, here’s how it works: you scan an app as you enter the store, and as you walk around and shop, Amazon Go uses computer vision and sensors to identify the items in your cart before charging them to your account when you walk out the door. While the first shop is a convenience store—stocking things like snacks, drinks and premade food—the new technology certainly opens a world of opportunities when it comes to shopping for anything, really. Imagine a cashier-less mall? Sounds dangerous. Amazon Go is open in beta now to Amazon employees, with a public opening coming in 2017.