Comedian, actress and writer Ali Wong will be publishing a book of essays due out in 2018. The book, published by Random House, will be a collection of letters for her one-year-old daughter Mari sharing advice and personal experiences.

Wong is most well-known for her Netflix comedy special Baby Cobra, in which she performed while 7 months pregnant. She also a writes for the TV series Fresh Off The Boat. She’ll be taking her stand-up act on tour in March but has just revealed that she’s also working on a book.

In a statement, Wong said:

“I’m very excited to share all of these stories about my childhood, dating, and failure that I’ve never been able to tell onstage, I have so many but they are just not right for stand-up. However, they are perfect for a book and a great way to make people laugh in their own homes…without me having to leave my own home.”