Alexander Wang’s Latest

As the slushy days of winter drone on it makes us just want to climb into our most comfortable sweater with a cup to tea and a good book. And who better to outfit us than Alexander Wang!

A nice alternative to the sweater your auntie knit you one christmas that now ironically fits better as a cropped jumper than it did when you were 12, the above Nautical Frill Sweater is a more polished version made from a blend of cotton, linen, mohair, and angora. Beside it is the Lattice Bobble Sweater, which could easily be worn as a tunic with a fab pair of tights or full lace body suit!

Below you’ll find the Marle Knit Cardigan, which isn’t just your average cardigan, the accompanying detail shot reveals the massive cut-out design at the back of this garment which is an interesting blend of ramie and linen.

And last but not least, the bottom stripped tunic in red and camel is a tad reminiscent of Tom Scott‘s signature cut-out pieces, but with a more slouchy cozy vibe and an asymmetrical line at the back.

Truly Bananas.

Alexander WangAlexander Wang