Canadian restaurateur, DJ and artist Alex Rhek (formerly of Sharks & Hammers and Sea Monstr Sushi) has joined forces with Vancouver accessories label Taikan to release a limited edition collaboration between his own Cold World Frozen Goods imprint and the bag brand.

The ten-piece collection features two Taikan Hornet backpacks, two Flanker tote bags and six Sacoche side-bags branded with signature Cold World Frozen Goods graphics (including the brand’s mascot the “Cold Bunny”) and custom embroidering that reads “NEVER A BAD TIME FOR A GOOD TIME.” The backpacks and totes are available in natural canvas and black nylon while the Sacoche bags are available in black, white and purple.

The Taikan x Cold World Frozen Goods collection is now available exclusively from Livestock’s Chinatown location in Vancouver and at

Peep our interview with Rhek below and check out some of the campaign imagery shot by Canadian photographer Paul Harman. Follow Rhek on Instagram at @rhek to keep up with his art and freelance projects.


Sidewalk Hustle: This collab is very Vancouver from the collaborator, Taikan, and the exclusive drop at Livestock Chinatown. Why just the drop at Livestock?

Alex Rhek: The people behind Livestock, Taikan and Cold World are all based in Vancouver and this collabo wasn’t based on marketing or clout – it was based on a mutual respect and friendship between all the parties involved. Basically, it’s funnest to do stuff with your friends and all the pieces just fell into place naturally because of this.

This collabo is essentially the result of a community of like-minded people in Vancouver with the same interests. Everyone involved loves Fried Chicken.

Who is the character featured on the bags?

AR: That’s the Cold Bunny. He’s the main investor and mascot for Cold World Frozen Goods.


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The imagery for the drop is also very Vancouver – featuring artists Raiden, Angst and Hannah Turner. Can you tell us about the process of creating those photos?

AR: Again, while this is a new wave, these are creative people who are actually doing stuff in Vancouver and are both literally and figuratively family with the parties involved. I’m gonna just assume that they also like Fried Chicken. In terms of process, it was just a casual day of hanging out. We didn’t even have makeup artists or stylists involved. There was a can of beans and a jar of vaseline though.

Which of the bags is your favourite – and what do you pack in it on the daily?

AR: The Sacoche’s are great because it’s the best not having shit in your pockets. Back in the day dudes only needed to carry some money, a key and maybe like, a knife – but now we all have phones and wallets and chapsticks and Bluetooth speakers and Juuls and portable batteries and a can of beans and Backwoods and a Nintendo DS and Narcan Kits and a knife and a bottle of Peach Ciroc and an emergency piece of Fried Chicken – so sidebags like Sacoche’s are so practical. But for me, I love the tote – this is the perfect tote. I fuck with this tote.