Aesa Jewelry

via The Cut

Designer and former historian Randi Mates has created a gorgeous line of jewelry mixing semiprecious stones, metals, and gems gathered from annual trips to the Gem, Mineral, & Fossil Show in Tucson, Arizona. Started in 2006, Aesa is inspired by Greek and Roman metal working and is all hand made in Brooklyn using combinations of gold, silver, and bronze with black pearls, sapphire, black diamond, tourmaline, and citrine.

By incorporating interesting materials with traditional stones and metals, she hopes her designs will have a richer and more modern feel than the average piece of jewelry.

From arrowheads and jellyfish to caviar nest of black pearls, Mates designs are truly opulent, on trend, and organic. Aesa is available across North America, Australia, Finland and Tokyo so far, and can be found in Toronto at Ewanika.