adidas Originals recently opened the EQT Loft just steps from Berlin’s historic Brandenburg Gate. There’s no better city more fitting to unveil the history and future of EQT than Berlin.  Almost 30 years ago the Berlin Wall was dismantled, which is one of the most important historical and cultural moments in recent memory. Around the same time, the German brand was going through some monumental changes of their own.  Falling behind the likes of Nike, Reebok and LA Gear, the brand with the three stripes needed to do something to get back in the game.  

 The Equipment line was born in 1991.  It consisted of designs stripped back to essentials to enhance an athlete’s performance. Created with a ‘no bullshit’ attitude – incorporating only the essentials, it represented the best of adidas, breathing new life into the brand, at that time on the verge of bankruptcy. 

The entire line was anchored by EQT Green, which unified the collection and has become synonymous with adidas EQT.  Today, the same design principle was applied to the full EQT footwear collection, trading EQT Green for Turbo Red. The switch in colour creates even more of an impact on the streets. 

Media, influencers and partners were invited to the EQT Loft to explore the journey of EQT over the last couple decades.  Dozens of Equipment and ZX styles, from the 90’s through to today, were on display in a carefully curated exhibition any sneakerhead would die for. Invitees were then ushered through a back alley into an adjacent abandoned building wherein the next chapter of the EQT story unfolded.  

The industrial space accented with Turbo Red; the perfect backdrop for the story of EQT. Attendees were taken through a series of workshops, a Q&A session, and an Insta-tour of Berlin – wearing the EQTs to create their own unique content with the city as their backdrop. Capped off with an impressive party with over 1200 in attendance To see Pusha T (the official face of the EQT) perform and the new adidas Originals brand film titled, “ORIGINAL IS NEVER FINISHED.”

Everything that is essential. Nothing that is not. In a world saturated with noise, the newest EQT collection from adidas Originals serves as a reminder to cut the through the bullshit, focus on what’s essential, and eliminate all distractions.

The new collection drops globally on January 26th.