adidas Football “The Quest”

I am going to be honest here. I don’t really care for soccer (or football depending on where you live)  It just doesn’t do it for me, it is too long and not enough action. Also and probably more importantly Canada doesn’t have an international team that I could cheer for, and the closest team, country I would or should, or could feel any affinity towards would probably be the USA, and to be honest that just seems wrong.

However, after watching “The Quest,” a stellar commercial for the FIFA World Cup, I actually start to think maybe I could get down with some soccer (or football).  Give “The Quest” a watch, it is totally cool and has some killer one-liners, my favourite is “where men become legends,” and “eternal glory awaits the fastest, the strongest and the most skillful.” Fun right?  this ad also features soccer greats the Spark, the Powerhouse and the Maestro.