Today marks adidas very first release from their athletics division: the Z.N.E. Hoodie. Inching their way further and further ahead in the sportswear category, adidas athletics delivers one super luxe piece of outerwear designed with an athletes comfort in mind off-field.

Further bridging the gap between sportswear and performance wear, the Z.N.E. Hoodie has your pre, post and off-field game look on lock. Combining minimal design and luxe finishes, the Z.N.E. Hoodie was created to help “athletes stay mentally strong” through three key elements including “reduced noise distraction, minimal visionary distraction and protection from discomfort” weather it’s worn for leisure or performance.

According to the press release, adidas Senior Product Manager Michael Krapohl had the following to say:

“Our athletes compete in front of huge, passionate crowds, and need to maintain their focus under immense pressure. A lack of focus can be the difference between winning or losing. We designed the adidas Z.N.E. Hoodie to allow athletes of all sports to tune in to their pre-game strategies and personal rituals, and to centre themselves ready for the challenge ahead. Aesthetically, we are passionate about creating products with the finest crafted details and a sleek, athletic look.”

The Z.N.E. Hoodie also features a double walled panel at the front and back to provide ample distortion (especially useful for athlete’s who needs to stay focused) and ample space for over-ear headphones, through a ‘Made 2 Move’ construction within the dropped shoulder design. The Z.N.E. Hoodie also features hidden pockets, a discreet inner label featuring motivational messaging, and is modelled by Basketball player Andrew Wiggins of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Toronto Blue Jay Melvin Upton Jr, Olympic gold bobsled medallist Kaillie Humpries, Olympic champion ice dancer Tessa Virtue, and Canadian Ice Hockey player Conor McDavid.

Check out the athletes modelling the hoodie below and shop the Z.N.E. Hoodie starting September 10th at for $130 CDN.

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Andrew Wiggins
Andrew Wiggins ZNE Hoodie adidas-2Andrew Wiggins ZNE Hoodie adidas-3
Kaillie Humphries

Kaillie Humpries adidas ZNE Hoodie-2 Kailie Humpries adidas ZNE Hoodie

Melvin Upton Jr.

Melvin Upton Jr adidas atletics Melvin Upton Jr adidas atletics-2

Tessa Virtue

Tessa Virtue adidas athletics

Conor McDavid

Conor McDavid-2 Conor McDavid