Ace Hotels and B&O PLAY have joined together to create Ample Frequencies: A Sound Series, uniting their equally innovative brands to create “unique sonic experiences.”

The year-long partnership kicked off at the Ace Hotel New York last night, October 11, in the hotel lobby featuring avant-garde presentations by musicians Diamond Terrifier, Michael Beharie, Don Devore, Miho Hatori, Certain Creatures and Ohal. According to an official press release, Ample Frequencies intends to “explore, ponder, recreate and define the edges of sonic consciousness with site-specific installations and sound symposia,” as well as “produce evocative experiences for culturally conscious individuals.”

The next installation takes place on October 18 at the Ace Hotel London in their basement bar Miranda. Attendees can prepare for a night of ultimate relaxation with a handcrafted cocktail and join in on a guided meditation with artist Adoxo. A panel discussion hosted by Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura of NTS Radio will follow the audiovisual presentation.

Ample Frequencies continues its innovative sound series in November at The Theater at the Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles. An official date and details about this one-night experience have yet to be revealed, but we can only imagine it’s going to be absolutely mind-blowing.

Visit the Ace Hotel website for further details on upcoming Ample Frequencies events.