About Group ‘Between The Walls’

About Group

About Group returns with a third album called Between The Walls, dropping on July 2nd via Domino. It’s an apt album name since the band is a side project for Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, John Coxon, Charles Hayward, and Pat Thomas.

The press release describes the albums sound as “people pushing towards and pulling against one another simultaneously… of buzzing amplifiers, sudden musical non-sequiturs, loud blasts of straight synth lines cutting through melody and structure.”

Give a listen to the albums first single “Walk On By” below along with the track list.

Between The Walls
Track List:

01 – After Video
02 – Walk On By
03 – All Is Not Lost
04 – Words
05 – Graph Paper
06 – Make The World Laugh
07 – Love Because
08 – Nightlife/Sinking
09 – Untitled
10 – I Never Lock That Door
11 – Yes
12 – If You Can’t Love Me