Wildly popular streetwear designer Virgil Abloh will be getting his very own retrospective exhibition at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Chicago-native is just 36 years old, but he’s already made a major mark on the fashion industry. Not only is he the founder and head designer of Milan-based streetwear label Off-White, but he is also a key consultant to Kanye West and the creative director of West’s own fashion brand Yeezy. Not to mention his various other creative projects, including art installations, hotel and fashion collaborations, DJing and more.

Speaking to the South China Morning Post about the upcoming exhibit, Abloh said:

“There is a lot of thought behind how I got here, and the museum recognized that there’s something deeper behind how I came to be. If you focus on the brand, that’s interesting, but we intend to look at the 950 projects I have done, to then reflect on what it says about the millennial culture.”

The exhibit, which is still in the production phase, is set to open at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art in 2019. Stay tuned for more details!