According to an article in Business Insider, perfume sales went up 45% by the middle of 2021. You’re here to figure out the best gifts, not to read biz stats – so why keep reading? So far we know something, people are loving perfume.

Sure, there’s been a long-standing belief that it’s is notoriously hard to pick scent out for someone else, but with this list of 9 great options (+3 bonus stocking stuffers or small budget secret Santa’s) – we’d say there’s more than a 45% chance that you might get it… right on the nose.

Maison Louis Marie – No. 04 Bois de Balincourt Perfume Oil, $77 USD

Failproof for everyone, literally. Especially as we’re all hopefully becoming more conscious consumers – this season might have you wondering more than ever if you’re getting them something they’re really going to use. It’s more than likely they will use this one up (& it might become a go-to gift for years to come). This scent is an undeniable gem for everyone. One of those, subtle – but distinct – of its own & is distinct to its wearer. The oil is lasting & buildable, it’s the perfect travel size. If you’re as obsessed as we think you’ll be, go with the full set – including the oil, ETD & candle. No. 04 is the signature scent.

Maison Martin Margiela – REPLICA By the Fireplace, $166 CAD

Cuz’ baby it’s cold outside. There are flannel pjs, fur rugs, roasting chestnuts, cracking (& yule) logs – & there’s By the Fireplace. If cozy is the sense of the holidays this warm & spicy scent has it all – a gift for the giftee & as much as gifter – it might be a gift for your sweetie, or for yourself – it’s everyone’s to enjoy, whoever the wearer gets to be.

Juliette Has a Gun – Not a Perfume, $135 USD

For the fragrance-free & the fragrance fanatic. Equally appreciated by fragrance lovers & those who ‘don’t wear fragrance’. One of the recently popularized non-fragrances (hence, the name), its very minimal composition centred on the single-molecule AMBROX – a typical perfume base note used mainly to ‘fix’ (aka prolonging & enhancing) scent. Bonus, this is also allergen-friendly. Giving this to someone is saying “just be your best self”.

Akro HAZE, $160 USD

The opposite of a cover-up perfume. For your green lover. Legal cannabis has popped up on every corner this year, we all love it – or loves someone who does. But, if you’re not necessarily ready to unwrap toke specific gifts around the tree just yet. HAZE can be just a little seasonally appropriate, it smells a little like a Christmas tree.

Creed – Spice & Wood, $560 USD

This bottle doesn’t need to be wrapped – in fact, don’t. Also – replace the tinsel, even lights outside, even the star on your tree – keep the fireplace burning because we love the crackle. For the person who loves to be spoiled (& we love to spoil them too) – Spice & Wood: both the scent & the bottle is all the sparkle you’ll need this holiday.

Arianna Grande – CLOUD Intense, $65 CAD

The year of the pop star. The last time we loved a celebrity fragrance this much, it might have been Britany’s – in the year we’ve again loved up on Britany (enough to see her finally free) – it’s also a year to appreciate another pop-star scent. Cannot have a pop-star without controversy – & the original Cloud (launched in 2018) is no exception – & whether or not it’s a close nose to one of the most popular (& expensive) fragrances in the current fragrance ether (we don’t need to name drop) – it’s still just really, really good. The brand new Cloud Intense is not just an amplified version of the sweet original, but slightly more rich & sophisticated, right to the navy blue Cloud bottle. The headline is – it’s a gift for your gossip lover, your girl with taste – or even your guy – it’s just that good.

Boy Smells – Discovery Set, $28 USD

So much more than cool candles. Chances are if you’ve got a cool kid on your list, they’ve got a Boy Smells candle on theirs. You can go ahead and give them one of those, or you can be their coolest gifter and introduce them to Boy Smells new fine fragrances. No, you won’t get to enjoy the Boy Smells burn filling the air over the holidays – but you will get to enjoy the (finest scented) big hugs. Needless to note, these are not just for the boys – all six of the scents in their Discovery set are all gendered.

Commodity Fragrance – Exploration Kit, $49 CAD

Every (fragrance) nerd needs this. Commodity’s Exploration Kit includes 6 of their best scents – in their 3 scent spaces. What’s that mean? (If you want to nerd out a little too) – scent space is Commodity’s science explaining the distance the scent travels or rather, how much of the space around the wearer the scent takes up (they even have a whole video on their website you can show off to your giftee). & ALSO that’s 18 little bottles – 18 gifts in one. Woah.

Joe Malone – Luxury Dining Candles, $92 CAD

Dinner parties are back, we repeat – dinner parties are back. For the fun & the fancy, the classy & the casual – we all love the waft of holiday dinner & we can all appreciate a fresh citrus scent to cozy up with after – full, happy & with friends (not least of the one at the table spritzed with Jo Malone’s signature Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne). Jo Malone’s new Luxury Dining Candles are sleek, simple & special enough for all decor – if they’re for the dinner host, or for your guests enjoying them around your table – they really are a gift for all.

Yield Incense, Hinoki $18 USD

In the year’s we’ve all been home many of us have done a little transforming & taking extra care. If they’re one of those with a new collection of clever designer pieces, quirky artisan nick nacks or pots of cascading plant babies – there’s a Yield scent for them – The Architect Series is inspired by the coolest of 20th-century architects & their The Botanical Collection is a compliment to their cozy new green pals. So even if we’re (mostly) enjoying getting back out there – it’s a gift of recognition that it’s still a treat to retreat.

The Crystal Deodorant, $7 USD

Yup we did – this is anti-scent on a scent list. So if you’ve crossed off your shopping list with this list – a salt stick is the perfect add-on to just set the stage for their new scent to shine. If not – who hasn’t been looking for a better deodorant?

Irish Spring Soap, $4 USD

A classic for a reason. Socks & soap are no stocking surprises – honestly, neither is the scent of Irish Spring, if you know you know & if you don’t you will – the clean & creamy bergamot scent of Irish Spring is nostalgic in all the ways watching Frasier on Crave have been this year, but not so much that they might not be asked “mmmm what are you wearing”.