It’s that special time of the year, a month or so after Christmas when we’ve reached maximum winter and need some extra warmth in our lives. Nestled halfway through February sits Valentine’s Day, a day designed to show our loved ones just how much we love them by showering them gifts and romantic gestures. Well it’s 2021 and everyone has had a bit of a rough year (already!) and we all deserve a little tender loving care. Whether it’s your lover, a friend, family member or even yourself, we all deserve a treat. As such we’ve put together another fantastic gift guide full of romantic objects, delightful cannabis offerings and simple good times. So take a gander and get some ideas on how to make your middle of February a great day for you and everyone around you.

As always, we’ve included a round-up of brands we love and personally use. To be transparent, we’ve included some brands that we have ongoing partnerships with.


Creed Aventus Cologne 100ml, $435 USD

Scent is one of the most personal things. It can elevate the senses, act as a conduit to memories, has the ability to make someone desire another and set the mood. Made from the finest nature-based ingredients Creed Aventus Cologne is basically sex in a bottle. It’s the perfect gift for your lover to wear on a special date night to make new memories.

Solei Topicals, $51.95 CAD [ad]

Get ready for a new take on your Valentine’s Day fun with Solei’s line of cannabis-infused moisturizing body cream. An alternative to the conventional take on cannabis and a great smoke-free alternative to partaking. Instead of smoking, the cannabis in Solei’s topical works by binding the THC & CBD in the cream to the cannabinoid receptors that are found throughout the body. This means that the cannabis is absorbed locally when you place it on yourself, or others, and thus offers a wholly unique experience. Aka a real good time.

Solei’s topicals come in four tantalizing scents each of which is combined with differing levels of THC and CBD for any and all needs. Whether you need to Unplug with lavender, finding your Balance with citrus orange, want to Live Free with the fully CBD cucumber mint, or just a nice unscented good time, there is a cream that will satisfy whatever it is you desire. So, if you’re looking for a great self-care treat, or the perfect gift to be shared with your favourite person, honestly, look no further. The rich texture of each cream will give your non-cannabis infused moisturizers a run for their money.

Set the mood this Feb 14 (or anytime!) with one of Solei’s cannabis-infused body creams (we recommend Unplug). Grab yours now at any licensed cannabis retailers across Ontario and from OCS, while supplies last!

Dame Products AER, $95 USD

Known for their forward thinking, female focused approach to intimacy accessories, Dame is back with their newest vibrator, the Aer. Aer mimics the flutter of a tongue and the suction of a mouth creating a soft seal around the clitoris and using pressure wave technology to create rhythmic pulses of air. Think of it this way, it’s like in The Simpsons Movie where a dome is placed over Springfield creating a perfect airtight seal, where Springfield is the clitoris and the dome is the Dame Aer vibrator. This powerful, versatile vibrator comes in at the very reasonable price of $95 USD and makes the perfect gift for your lover, your friend, or better yet yourself.

Le Petit Trou Abelle Bra & Joanne Briefs, $214 CAD

Is there anything sexier than a box of expensive lingerie chosen by your lover? Unlikely. But on the other hand, it’s also yet another extremely unrealistic cliche about Valentine’s Day that anyone actually does this – or manages to guess your size right on the first try. So do everyone a favour and just buy yourself some sexy lingerie, such as this smokin’ hot set from Le Petit Trou available locally at one of our favourite shops, Lovers Land.

Ace Valley Soft Chews, $8.20 CAD

What better way to set the mood than by indulging in a delicious candy that has the added benefit of cannabis? Well, there isn’t. So go get yourself and/or your loved one a pack (or two) of Ace Valley’s brand new cannabis-infused gummies. Coming in three delicious flavours Grapefruit, Raspberry, and Blueberry Lavender, each of which comes in a different level of THC and CBD. Perfect for the curious to experience enjoyers, plus each pack of gummies comes with two pieces!Perfect for sharing. Added bonus, they are gluten-free and vegan!

Grab yours from the OCS or your local cannabis retailer near you.

Cymbidium Orchids from Tonic Blooms, $76

It’s always amazed me that red roses are the official flower of love when orchids are so much more sensual. Not only do they kind of resemble the delicate intricacies of the female body (the vaginal appeal is kind of hard to un-see non?), but their exotic nature makes them much longer lasting than roses ever could. Typically cymbidium orchids last up to two weeks and often longer if you cut the stems and change the water in your vase (and ideally wash it with hot soapy water once a week). These lipstick pink Cymbidium’s are the perfect way to wow your Valentine this year and you can find them at Tonic Blooms, our go-to on demand service for fresh flowers that don’t suck in Toronto as well as the GTA.



Banana bros. Otto Grinder, $149

This is very cool and does lean a little more on the luxurious side of the gifting spectrum, but hey, it’s been a long 2021 and we all deserve a little luxury. The Otto Grinder is an electric cannabis grinder AND joint roller. The precision-engineered technology automatically adjusts pressure, speed, and direction based on the texture and consistency of your material. Whether your bud is sticky, moist, dry or full of stems (yuck!), it grinds it smoothly and fills a perfect cone every time at the touch of a button. The perfect gift for your girlfriend who’s always asking you to roll the joints (so really a gift for you so she can roll you joints too). Make joint-rolling easy and fun!

Wolf Circus Simone Flower Necklace, $350

Jewellery is always a good idea when Valentine’s Day rolls around and Vancouver-based Wolf Circus is one of our favourites to give and to get. We love how their pieces wear on both men and women alike as well as how they layer up nicely too. There’s nothing more exciting on Valentine’s Day than a jewellery box, and if there’s no question to pop but you still want to get them something lovely and unique, Wolf Circus is the ticket. Any of their pieces would be a rad gift for your bestie, your roommate, or your significant other, and we suggest the Simone Flower Necklace in gold for its bold yet playful appeal.

Mister Green – General Psychedelics x Dynasty Hoodie, $145 CAD

If there is one thing that 2020 has taught us all, it’s to lean into comfort, and our friends over at Mister Green got us covered. This light pink General Psychedelics hoodie is made in LA from rugged ring spun 14oz heavyweight cotton which feels delightful against the skin. Featuring the progressive but also cheeky slogan on the front, this hoodie is perfect for everything from Zoom meetings to late night nothing else on moments. Grab yours from Dynasty Pot Shop in Toronto now.

Dyptique Limited Edition Baies Candle Holder Set, $154 USD

Now that we’ve reached the bottom of the list, we have the perfect item to set the mood, a luscious candle from diptyque. We recommend the limited edition Baies candle & candle holder set. This special set is part of the brand’s 60th-anniversary celebration and pays tribute to the history of the House with the hypnotic graphics covering the candle and the holder. Perfection 👌