A Quick Moment with Steven Tai

Steven Tai

Just moments before Steven Tai’s fall winter presentation at the shOws in Toronto this past fashion week, we had the pleasure of stealing a couple moments of his time. We talk about his latest collection, how one idea can grow into a larger collection, why he thinks showing in Toronto is so integral to Steven Tai as a brand, and where he see’s the brand in the coming years.

Check out the interview below, followed by some shots from his fall winter 2014 presentation.

Sidewalk Hustle: What inspired your fall winter collection this year?

Steven Tai: It’s actually about a girl who broke up with her boyfriend and he’s still left all his clothes there and she’s kept [them] all. She’s not really sentimental about it, it’s just she’s actually cutting it up and wearing it, so it’s a lot about fringing and you know masculine and feminine proportion.

SH: Tell us a little bit about your process each season creating new textiles within an overall collection?

ST: We always look at a technique and we explore things that we really like, in terms of applications and just how materials are manipulated. And from there we really start to build a story around it.

SH: This is your third season at the shOws. Why do you think it’s important to show in Toronto as well as abroad?

ST: I think it’s really important because I’m from Canada, so that’s one thing. The second is also because I think the culture here kind of views fashion in a different sense where as I think European’s kind of push it more as an art and I think the commerce and the way business is run here I feel like young designers don’t as often get a chance to have a voice. In Canada, there’s not as much support and I think something like that the shOws is really important to give young designers creative voice and a chance to show their work.

SH: Where do you see your brand in five years time?

ST: I hope that we can continue to do what we do and just expand, in terms of the outlets where people can buy us, and also [build on] our ability to have a wider range of products.

SH: What are some of the outlets you’d LOVE to be carried in?

ST: Holts is one of them, and that has been really amazing to be already selling [our collection] there. In terms of outlets around the world, there are so many! I think Joyce in Hong Kong or Dover Street [Market] in London would be amazing.