‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to achieve that goal than to give that special someone, or yourself, the gift of the perfect buzz. We know it seems like a big task to find just the right gift for that cannabis lover on your list, so we spent many long hours testing and sampling the finest in cannabis-related products. The result is the ultimate collection of gifts that’ll make you look like a real bud this year. So puff puff (don’t) pass (it’s a pandemic!) and let’s hit it.

Solei Gather Frosty Mint 510 Vape [ad]

Level up your vape game this season with a crisp new minty experience from Solei. The beloved Canadian cannabis brand recently launched its first-ever seasonal offering, the all-new Gather Frosty Mint 510 vape. Featuring vanilla and mint aromas, this vape combines high-quality cannabis distillate with botanical terpenes for a true winter experience. In terms of specifics, Solei Gather Frosty Mint’s 65-71% THC blend is beautifully balanced with 8-11% CBD.

Carrying a 510 vape allows for a discreet and convenient session, without the fuss or smell of rolling a joint. Solei Gather Frosty Mint is just right for a small family gathering or chilling with friends in your bubble over the break.

Sure to delight this winter season, the Solei Gather Frosty Mint vape is the perfect unique gift idea for someone just dipping their toes into cannabis or for the more experienced user who’s looking to mix it up and try something unexpected. Gather Frosty Mint is available now for a limited time in Ontario, Alberta and New Brunswick. Don’t delay, they are limited edition!

Mister Green Gear Double Insulated Bong Water Bottle, $49 USD

We’ve been day one fans of Mister Green, the original Cannabis lifestyle brand (no seriously, check out our interview with visionary Ariel Stark-Benz from 2018). They continue to produce the most, thought-out collection of apparel, accessories, and home goods, along with many collaborations through the years and we’ve loved every minute of it. Their Bong Water Nalgene is a classic by now and they’ve levelled up and made this insulated thermos that keeps liquids cold and hot. It’s safe to say we could all be better hydrated, so why not do it in style.

Concrete Cat Smoke Pipe, $80 USD

Every smoker needs to have a good pipe in their kit. They are discreet and powerful little things that help you get to where you want to go. Getting high. Montreal brand Concrete Cat has us coveting these super unique completely one-of-a-kind pipes. Made entirely by hand, no two are alike as each is in its own way an objet d’art.

dosist Dose Pen Rechargeable Set, $1-$22.60 CAD [ad]

dosist has been leading the way in dose-controlled premium cannabis experiences for years now and they’ve just made that experience more sustainable with an exclusive closed-loop system. Simply select the targeted formula and pop it onto the pod controller for a precision time-controlled dose of 2.5 mg every single time. Once the 3-second dose has been delivered, you’ll feel a gentle vibration to signal the pen has shut off, so there’s no worry of overheating or over doing it on delivery; peace of mind for all you newbie cannabis users out there. A great gift for mom and dad this holiday, dosist takes the guess work out of your cannabis use delivering a targeted reliable dose whether you’re looking to enjoy a more CBD or THC forward experience or a mix of both. Available in five unique formulas meticulously created with the active ingredients in cannabis to deliver a specific release. Smartly named formulas like Bliss, Arouse, Soothe, Calm, and Rest, make it easy to reach for a formula that suits everyone’s cannabis needs this holiday. For those looking for a more high potency blend, dosist has recently introduced three new THC-plus formulas: Bliss THC-plus, Arouse THC-plus, and Relax THC-plus. For a limited time, dosist is offering their dose pen controller* at select retailers for $1, but hurry, they won’t last long!

*Formula Pods and charger sold separately. Find participating retailers at dosist.ca.
Nightshift Ceramics J Tray, $32 CAD

While smoking is a delightful way to partake in cannabis, it is not without a little bit of mess. Where do you put the ash? Well in a super dope Stoneware ashtray by Nightshift. Each ceramic J Tray is approximately 3 inches in diameter, individually painted with designs inspired by terrazzo tile. Meaning no two are completely alike. They also work great as a jewelry dish or incense burner.


Summerland Land Yacht Bong, $275

You know that old stoner joke about the bong being used as a vase? Well, neither do we! But in all seriousness everyone needs a good bong, it is one of the “cleanest ways to smoke” after all, so why not get one that looks like a work of art. The Land Yacht from Summerland is a sleek lined, double chamber, beauty standing just over a foot tall. Made from a lead-free, food-safe glaze and ceramic, with a high-grade silicone grommet to ensure clean hits and airtight carbs, every time.

Jungle Boys Happy Joints Medium Re:stash Jar, $42 USD

Easily considered one of the best genetics in the industry, LA-based Jungle Boys know a thing or two about keeping your stash at its optimal level. Meet the Happy Joints Medium Re:stash Jar a super next-level storage container for your cannabis that’s also kinda super cute. Not only is it the world’s first reusable child-resistant container, but it also comes with a patent-pending smell-proof lid, while the unique silicone koozie insulates and protects your stash from sunlight and heat.


Ace Valley x Superette Candle in Bellwoods, $49

Two great brands coming together as one – is there anything better? Uber hip dispensary Superette teams up with  Toronto’s own Ace Valley for a delicious series of candles inspired by the neighbourhoods their dispensaries are currently located – Summerhill, Wellington, Spadina, and Bellwoods. Pairing well with Ace Valley Indica pre-rolls the Bellwoods coconut wax candle is not only neatly packaged in stylish double-walled glass it burns notes of sandalwood, lemon, lavender, juniper, and jasmine for 45-hours.

Sackville & Co. After Hours Kit, $69

The After Hours Kit from Sackville & Co. is the perfect all in one gift for the elegant toker in your life. The kit features a Smoker Stash Bag, Black Rolling Papers and Bougie Pre-Rolled Cones, a super sexy Carry Case Keychain, and the eye-catching signature Sackville & Co Grinder. It has (almost) everything you need to get the party started!

Another Room Thank You For Getting High Smell-Proof Pouch, $15 CAD

We love Vancouver-based Cannabis accessory brand Another Room’s tongue in cheek approach. Whether it’s their beloved Burger Grinder or their Another Doob tube, these accessories make getting high a bit more fun. Gifting cannabis at Christmas time is always a good idea but make sure it’s smell-proof so it doesn’t overpower the tree😉 This smell pouch is not only the cutest reusable stash bag, it literally thanks you while you’re at it.