PC Music founder A.G. Cook has shared his first solo material in over a year. Following recent production credits with Charli XCX’s Vroom Vroom EP, the new track “Superstar” is much more toned down than a typical head thumping, foot stomping cotton candy laced PC Music track. Just when you think “Superstar” is about to pop off, it slinks back into itself, a bit too shy to show its full potential – but we guarantee this’ll easily be the most interesting song you’ve heard today. The new track comes just a week before the RBMA Radio Pop-Up showcase in Los Angeles on July 20, wrangling together all of the PC Music crew: Danny L Harle, easyFun, felicita, GFOTY, Hannah Diamond, Lil Data, QT, Spinee, and of course A.G. Cook himself.

Get up,up, up and listen to “Superstar” above.