Nothing like being WARNED to “want to touch the hot stove”… in this case, the hot atomizer on Internal Affairs newly re-launched fragrance. The new collaboration with two multi-dimensional content creators Shannon Hamilton and Gershona Annor who appear as the faces embodies the feeling and attitude of the campaign. 


In 2021, the original fragrance launched in what seemed to be an explosion of interest. Yes, it’s true, Almostguilty’s impressive creative portfolio is prolific, to say the least, including styling, photography & modelling from his own design studio founded in Toronto in 2018. Giving credit where it’s due, Internal Affairs has met to its own an amazing response, selling out in days to outstanding reviews.

This year’s release includes modified messaging simplified but true to the intentions of the fragrance: to be intimate and cozy to the wearer, while intriguing and attractive to everyone around them. Singh calls it “the delicate balance between love & conviction”. 

The notes: topped with lots of fruit and based on sultry and sweet musk, vanilla & woods, remain the same, but the formula has been updated to last all day. Living up to the lasting impression the original formulation already made.

The new juice officially launched back in February, but it’s been living up to the hype of the last drop. We had the chance to sit down with Singh – scroll down to get into our conversation now. 



SIDEWALK HUSTLE: To me, fragrance is part of an outfit. I would love to know how you wear fragrances. Is it for every day or special occasions?

Anston “Almost Guilty” Singh: I wear fragrance every single day no matter what haha! It has very much become a part of my daily shower routine. I don’t think there is a time or place where I don’t want to be smelling like INTERNAL AFFAIRS!

SH: Right on you, on your clothing, or the air & you walkthrough? Do you like to keep it close, or want to be smelled when you walk into a room?

AS: How I wear it however is very different and situational at times. This signature fragrance is an oil based so I apply it directly to the skin it lasts much longer that way. Usually wrists, neck & shoulder but INTERNAL isn’t overpowering it’s very personal.

SH: Signature scent or do you have a few in rotation?

AS: I do have a few fragrances that are in my rotation, including Byredo – Mixed Emotions, Sean Brown – ASCENSION, a few more but I definitely use INTERNAL the most it’s just perfect for any setting at anytime!

SH: Secondly, I love the “outfitting”/packaging of Internal Affairs itself. Nothing like “WARNING!” to make something irresistible – what’s more a warning of irresistibility.

AS: Thank you so much. Yea for me when I buy a product, especially a fragrance I want to feel like it’s something exciting like breaking the rules. I want to feel that it’s unique and if I wear this out people are really going to be like “what is that!?” “I haven’t smelled that before”. Whenever you pick up that bottle and you see that WARNING! you’re always going to get that feeling.

SH: Other than Internal Affairs, a fragrance you can’t stay away from?


SH: Non-fragrance scent?

AS: New Car Smell

SH: Toronto treat spot go-to?

AS: Craig’s Cookies

SH: Late night delivery order?

AS: Bubble Tea

SH: Most bingable TV?

AS: Succession hands down!

SH: Song you sing out loud too?

AS: Sere – Fireboy DML

SH: Half-bad habit?

AS: Wearing new sneakers to parties

SH: Procrastination time passer?

AS: Netflix

SH: Immediate add-to-cart?

AS: Anything YEEZY

SH: Fashion Week show you can’t miss?


Discover Internal Affairs in full 3D rotation here.