There are very few better ways to thoroughly test a new car than by hitting the road and really giving it you’re all. Dealership test-drives are designed to give you a brief simulated experience inside your future car. It’s usually short and sweet and if you encounter any unexpected car-ventures it is usually a mistake and one the salesman next to you will quickly resolve. So it was with great excitement that we were given the opportunity to test drive, really test drive, the newly redesigned 2016 Honda Civic Coupe, on the spectacular Sea to Sky Highway in beautiful British Columbia.

Starting our drive from downtown Vancouver we drove the two hours up to Whistler, weaving and cutting our way through some of the most beautiful country in the world. With snow-capped mountains to one side and sunshine sparkling off the ocean one the other, the twisting, turning road was the perfect place to get a proper feel for the new car. The car looks sporty and feels sporty. Compact and sleek the 10th generation Civic gives off the impression of being a tiny car, although once inside you quickly realize that room is a plenty, especially if you’re the driver standing over 6’3″. The trunk is spacious and can fit up to “3 golf bags” or you know a lot of stuff.

When it comes to horsepower and torque, chassis and turbos, those terms carry very little meaning to us other than the impression, that they mean something important… chassis. What we do know is that the car handled those mountain roads flawlessly gripping the pavement as we raced along, well above the speed limit. And yes, it is easy to suddenly find yourself clocking a solid 20-30km above the speed limit without even really knowing it. The pickup, gauged by us cutting in front of a speeding lumber truck and pedal to the metalling our way, way out-of-the-way. Going fast is real easy.

After spending the day racing up and down the B.C. coast the new Honda Civic, the fiery little car really left an impression on us. With the fully loaded model clocking in under 30k, much cheaper than a casual 2 week trip to Tokyo (or some new luggage from Goyard), the car actually appears to be a great deal. Are cool Need For Speed cars really that inexpensive? I suppose that is exactly why the Civic is the #1 selling car in Canada for the last 16 years. Oh and speaking of Canada, the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe is made in Ontario, Canada. Nice work team Maple Leaf!

Get a sense of what the car looks like below and then head over to Honda directly to get all those technical features and such.

2016-Honda-Civic-Coupe-Vancouver-front 2016-Honda-Civic-Coupe-Vancouver back

2016 Honda Civic Coupe-interior2016 Honda Civic Coupe-Whistler