We’re only eight long chilly days into 2016 and already we’re exhausted by all the “New Year, New You” pontificating we’ve been seeing. Let’s cut the bs, we all want to be healthy so we can eat decadent things, drink champagne, and ultimately live well. So it’s time to put those words into action if you haven’t already, if you want to start seeing results.

We’ve teamed up with badass fitness expert, Canada’s own Nike Master Trainer Eva Redpath, to hook you up with seven awesome tips to keep you motivated and on track during your training journey this year.

TIP #1 – Plan a Date

Put a few group workouts into your social calendar with friends to help each other stay accountable. You could plan a yoga class with your BFF before brunch, catch-up with a friend over a walk instead of happy hour or organize a ski trip with pals this winter.

TIP #2 – Reach for Personal Bests

Set a goal to beat it this year. See how far you can run or how many push-ups you can crush! It’s also a fun way to get outside of your typical workout regime.

TIP # 3 – A Short Workout is Better Than No Workout!

Gone are the days of workout out for hours to see results. Consistency is key to staying on track, so when life gets busy, all it takes is a quick a 10 minute sweat session to keep you committed to health and fitness goals. Instead of saying, I don’t have time to workout today, I challenge you to give Kristy Godso’s Zoom in 10 N+TC workout a try.

TIP #4 – Set Goals That Fit Your Lifestyle

Know what works for you, and what doesn’t. As you create your goals for the year, make sure they are realistic and fit your lifestyle, so you’re setting yourself up for success versus being discouraged half way through. Nike’s new 21 Days of Better For It program will inspire you to get healthier in 2016, and the best part is there are three different workout plans available, so you can find a plan that fit your lifestyle and fitness level. Visit Nike.com to get started.

TIP #5 – Write Your Goals Down, and Share Them Out

Sharing your goals with your community will keep you accountable and your friends will be there to support you while you push your limits.

TIP #6 – Do It For You

The best way to make fitness plans stick is by doing it for you and do it for the right reasons. You’ll be #betterforit in 2016.

TIP # 7 – Plan for Success

Map out your health and fitness goals for 2016, pre-register every week for workout classes or sign-up for a fitness challenge, like Nike’s new 21 Days of Better For It. Visit Nike.com to take a quick fitness quiz and find out what 21 day plan fits your lifestyle and fitness level. Better yet, encourage some gal pals to join the challenge with you, so you can do the workouts together and keep each other committed along the way.


Nike is also promoting the 21 Days of BetterForIt campaign which creates a custom training program suited to your answers after answering a handful of questions. The quiz populates your calendar with weekly Nike Training app workouts and runs based on your feelings towards fitness and handy notifications to make sure you stay on track.

Head here to take the quiz and start your year off on the right foot.