7 Essential Bicep Exercises to Improve Your Size

Bodybuilding is a complex sport, and athletes must develop all muscle groups to get noticed in competitions. However, casual gym visitors often focus on hands because it is the easiest way of showing that you exercise.

Being a pro athlete or gym enthusiast, bulking the biceps is a reasonable goal. In addition, more muscular biceps will increase your functional strength because those muscles are responsible for any lifting or pressing. 

Building a biceps peak is visually pleasing, and most gestures of flexing muscles revolve around strong biceps. Like with other muscle groups, eating correctly and taking quality supplements you can learn about on Canada steroids will help you with biceps building. These are the best exercises to grow strong and defined muscles:

Barbell Curl

Barbell exercises are the top choice for your biceps. Some have a straight bar, and others with curves. The barbell curl is performed by standing up and picking up the barbell with two hands. Use an underhand grip, curl the barbell up with a focus on the biceps and release it without sudden moves. It is essential to stay in the correct position with shoulders back, elbows in front, and torso straight up.

Reverse curl 

Reverse curl is a variation of barbell curl with one key difference. Your palms are facing down instead of up. Small change makes a huge difference, as you will improve your forearm and grip strength and your biceps. Less experienced gym goers should use lower weights for this exercise.

Dumbbell hammer curl

Exercising biceps for many comes down to dumbbell hammer curl because it improves the size of the brachialis muscle. You will take a dumbbell hammer in each hand with arms by your side. Curl the weights up to the shoulders, hold the position and release them slightly down. The upper body must be still during the exercise.


This exercise uses your body weight. For example, in chin-up, you grip the pull-up bar with your palms facing your face. It would be best if you lifted yourself to make your chin reach or go above the bar with the core body firm and steady. Aside from taxing the biceps with more weight, you will develop a firmer grip and shoulder strength.

Preacher curl

The preacher curl is similar to the barbell curl exercise, but here you will use a preacher bench where your hands will be leaned on the bench. This will prolong the range of motion resulting in longer tension in your biceps. The benefits of preacher curl are muscle growth and the inability to cheat from the momentum.

Incline dumbbell curl

Unlike hammer curl, incline dumbbell curl requires you to lay on an incline bench. The idea behind an incline dumbbell curl is to prevent momentum and extend the motion creating a more demanding exercise for your biceps.

Cable curl

Cable and reverse cable curls are great biceps exercises because the cable keeps tension on the muscles throughout the motion. You should maintain proper form and get benefits similar to barbell curl but with prolonged tension for more pressure on the biceps. The same applies to facing away cable curls.