It may be one of the first few days of spring but it still feels like winter to many of us on the East Coast. With winter comes extremely cold temperatures that not only damage our hair, but build static and unwanted frizz. Don’t let your bad hair day get you down; we put together a list of products to help with those pesky flyaways and that un-pretty frizz.

Ouai Anti-frizz Hair Sheets

The Ouai Anti-frizz hair sheets are the perfect, portable hair care product you will ever come across. These individually wrapped sheets fit right inside the tiniest of purses and will help shine and smooth your hair with one swipe. They also help to keep static at a minimum and are paraben-free. Find them at Sephora.


Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo

This shampoo is a shampoo for all. It’s literally good for any type of hair, treated or untreated, texture or no texture. It’s a very thick shampoo that you will have to lather and rinse well. That being said, it’s also very weightless and leaves hair feeling smooth and well-nourished. It also blocks out any humidity and harsh cold that could increase static in your hair. Find Living Proof No Frizz at Sephora and salons across Toronto.

Moroccanoil Smoothing Mask

The Moroccanoil smoothing mask is created from a mix of highly concentrated argan butter, argan oil, and coconut derived fatty acids. Do we really need to go on? The mask aids in smoothing and defrizzing your hair while keeping it looking shiny and super healthy. This is a long lasting conditioner so you don’t necessarily have to use it with every wash. Overtime, with youth you will notice an improvement in your hairs elasticity. Find Moroccanoil products at Sephora or the Moroccanoil website.

Bumble & Bumble Straight Conditioner

The problem with a lot of conditioners is their weight. Many conditioners designed to de-frizz and/or straighten your hair can be very heavy and leave your hair looking limp and at times greasy. The Bumble & Bumble straight conditioner helps to tame unruly hair while promoting its natural movement. It calms waves and frizzy curls and leaves your hair feeling silky and smooth for an extended period of time. Find Bumble & Bumble at Sephora and at salons across Toronto.

Sebastian Taming Elixir

Like the anti frizz sheets, The Elixir is a more mild and less permanent approach to tame frizz. This is a really great product to apply after washing your hair especially to the ends which tend to have the most damage. This doesn’t leave your hair greasy so long as you only use a dime size per application. You can also use the taming elixir to tame flyaways and create some very sleek looks. Find Sebastian products online and in select salons.

Devacurl Devatowel Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel

The Devatowel is a product that really benefits those with wavy or curly hair. It absorbs just the right amount of water to keep your waves or curls defined but not outrageous. When your hair texture is courser than most, more frizz tends to occur, especially in cooler temperatures. The Devatowel will keep your curls frizz-free and beautiful. Find it at Amazon or Sephora.