Whether you’d rather receive chocolates and red roses on Valentine’s Day or just hide away on your couch watching The Notebook, let’s be real for a second and acknowledge that we could all use a little more romance in our lives.

What better day to try and spread that romance around than on the international day of love. We’ve partnered up with Virgin Mobile, who are launching a fun initiative on Valentine’s Day, to put together a list of tips to help you make the day more romantic.

Check out our list below and head here (link to come) to learn more about Virgin Mobile’s Valentine’s Day campaign.

1. Throw On Your Fave Rom Com.

We all have our favourite romantic movies, but let’s face it, the comedic variations on the genre are the gems we find ourselves gravitating back to over and over. This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, and we can’t think of few more appropriate ways to celebrate the day of love, then staying in to watch a handful of rom coms. Who doesn’t love watching When Harry Met Sally, Annie Hall, Jerry Maguire, or Pretty Woman?! So sit back and have a good cry on the couch, then recover over a plate of something deliciously festive like chocolate dipped strawberries or macarons.
Weather you’re in a relationship or cruising Tinder for a last minute date while watching, this is a tip you can enjoy solo or as a group.

2. Buy Flowers and Chocolates

There are few more traditional acts than sending someone lovely confections and beautiful flowers on Valentine’s Day. Just because the holiday only comes once a year doesn’t mean these conventions are limited to those in relationships. So go ahead, treat yourself to a delivery of fresh spring flowers, to you, from you, and while you’re at it, throw in an order from Nugateau, eh?! You’re worth it.

3. Make A Romantic Dinner At Home

It goes without saying that every good restaurant with dim lighting and a prix fixe menu will be fully booked on Valentine’s Day. But don’t you agree preparing a decadent meal at home can sometimes be even more thoughtful? Whether you know your partner well, or you’re cooking for a new friend, try taking your date to your casa this Valentine’s Day. Not only can you make an amazing meal (or just order something wonderful from your local favourite restaurant), you can make the experience even more intimate by popping a bottle of bubbly and lighting all the candles in your home.

4. Discover Your Valentine’s Day Personality.

Get to know what makes your heart tick this Valentine’s Day, and let your buddies know while you’re at it. This year Virgin Mobile has created a super cute quiz to help you spread your personal version of Valentine’s Day love across the Internet. After answering a handful of questions about your love life (or lack there of), the quiz will generate funny results for you to send to your friends encouraging them to share their result as well.

Think of it as the new version of sending a candy gram or Valentine. Click here to take the quiz now.

5. Get Dressed Up.

Just because you’ve decided to take us up on tip number three, doesn’t mean you’re in the kitchen in your pajamas. Throw on that little black dress or black velvet tuxedo and elevate your sex appeal tonight. Who knows, you might even get lucky. Thank us later.