5 Totally Awesome Bike Accessories

Bike Accessories

In most cities around the world, there’s really no better, often quicker way to get around than riding your bike! But it’s not exactly the most glamorous of ways of transportation, especially if you’re riding a hand me down bike with a mountain biking helmut. We thought we’d share a couple neat accessories to snap up your bike this spring to not only make you feel a little more glam, but improve your experience every time you jump on for a ride.PUBLIC Coffee Holder

1. PUBLIC – Trieste Coffee Cup Holder, $15

Biking to work is the best, especially when you see your co-workers roll into the office late, all flustered from the inevitable subway or streetcar delay. Your morning ride just got a little more caffeinated with this simple yet amazing innovation from PUBLIC. The Trieste coffee cup holder is designed to fit 12-16 oz take away cups, can be installed facing inward or outward and has a 22.2m clamp diameter which can be installed on most handlebars. Take care to take the less bumpy route so you don’t spill.

Martone Cycling Co Helmet

2. Martone Cycling Co – Helmet, $115

Gone are the days of dorky bike helmets. This equestrian style helmet from the New York based Martone Cycling Co. comes in snappy cherry red and sleek black with an adorable little fox logo on the front above the brim. Pair this helmet with some riding pants, boots, and a crisp white button down, and you’ll not only out-style the bike couriers, you’ll look more like you’re riding on horseback, rather than commuting through the city streets!

Brooks England x Levis Commuter  Cambium C17 Denim Saddle

3. Brooks England x Levi’s Commuter – Cambium C17 Denim Saddle €180

Brooks has been crafting some of the best bike seats since 1866 and they’ve just released the limited edition collaboration with Levi’s Commuter. One of their most striking seasonal offerings, the Cambium c17 Denim Saddle is  made from recycled Levi’s vulcanized denim, a technique they use to make it not only comfortable, but also waterproof and super long-lasting.

Make sure you take this bike seat with you when you lock up, because there’s nothing more eye-catching than a finely made seat, ripe for the taking!

Free People Tap Shorts

4. Free People – Tap Shorts, $83

You love to wear dresses and you still want to bike. What’s a girl to do? Solution: bloomers! They allow for proper leg movement without showing it all and most come with fun feminine frilly details unlike more intense athletic bike shorts. These delicate Tap Shorts from Free People are a perfect example of what you surely wouldn’t mind peeking out on your ride.

Linus Headlight

5. Linus – Headlamp, $38

Forget technical looking bike lights that bog up your handle bars, this Linus headlamp is not only super sleek with a vintage-inspired design, it fits on a variety of frames. Its got a sixty hour battery operated run time for either flashing or steady light, and best of all, the steel mounting brackets make it practically theft proof unlike others that are easily detachable.