5 SoundCloud Accounts to Stream Right Now

5 SoundCloud Accounts of 2014

We all love SoundCloud, heck, we spend all day on it discovering new music and we’re often disappointed when mainstream artists don’t keep theirs up-to-date. Seeing as we’ve spent the holidays needing out on music, we thought we’d share five great SoundCloud accounts that have yet to disappoint us.


Tinashe has recently been given many props for her latest project ‘Black Water,’ but her SoundCloud was popping off way before that. Tracks like ‘Ecstasy’ featuring Chance the Rapper and ‘Yours’ made it hard to listen to anything else, so much so, we quite literally streamed Tinashe’s SoundCloud page exclusively for days.


Kastle is super talented and it shows in the meticulous upkeep of his SoundCloud account. Taking some of our favourite R&B tracks and given them a rebirth, is in fact, the way we first came across his account in the first place. Kastle also makes a point to always share music he loves and supports upcoming talent. Some of our all time favourites from the LA DJ are included in his Kastledub.com mix.


The Canadian retailer is the epicentre of the female hypebeast and they have a soundcloud to match. This account is chocked full of exclusive mixes that you can catch playing in the stores themselves. They also inherit mixes from the awesome brands they carry (ie. Naked and Famous) and keep it patriotic with lots of Canadian artists. Can’t be mad at that!

Cookin’ Soul

Cookin’ Soul has produced for everyone’s favourite rappers. The duo also delivers on solid remixes to keep things interesting. One of their most recent uploads is Freddie Gibb’s ‘Thug Til Its Over.’ Listen to one of our favourites, their ‘Bound 2’ Remix below.


With over a million followers on SoundCloud it’s no surprise that Diplo is dominating the platform. Always pumping out the freshest and most relevant tracks. To me, Diplo is the meaning of genre mixing and really, genre melting. Listen to his remix for Grizzy Bear’s ‘Will Calls,’ which is one of many Diplo Soundcloud offerings that we can’t stop listening to.