It’s officially winter, and I don’t know about you, but my skin needs a little extra love and attention, especially on the bitterly cold, windy days we’re welcoming on the East Coast. Remembering that the skin is our body’s largest organ, and it needs nourishing too, just like what we put in our bodies, what goes on really matters too. Personally, I’m prioritizing my healthy protein and fat intake this month with nourishing homemade bone broths, wild salmon, and skin-boosting supplements like liposomal vitamin C, moringa, desiccated liver, and a big dose of rotating antioxidants.

I’ve been trying quite a few new skincare products as well, which will help revive the dull weather-beaten skin hand in hand with a nutrient-dense diet. As always, there is an emphasis on including products that are as natural as possible and pack a nutrient-dense punch.

Osea Dayglow Face Oil, $58 US

One of my all-time favourite skincare brands, Malibu’s Osea has released a new face oil just in time for the dry dull season. The seaweed-infused face oil deeply nourishes the skin with a dose of Omegas 6 and 9 to support the skin’s moisture barrier with the help of mineral-rich Undaria algae and botanical oil. Your Gua-sha ritual just got an upgrade! We love that this oil (like all their products) comes packaged in glass and can be reused and refilled easily over and over again.

Moon Juice G-Pack, $79

If you know me personally, then you know just how much I love glutathione, one of nature’s master antioxidants. Perhaps the most abundant mitochondrial powerhouse, it’s responsible for preventing damage in your body on the cellular level and is essential for just about everything, including protecting your skin from environmental toxins that are all around us. Basically, it’s the secret to aging in reverse. Moon Juice is putting the spotlight on this incredible supplement with their new G-Pack product, which is unlike any I have ever tried. Combining 10% Glutathione, 50% L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), and 3% Ferulic Acid, G-Pack is the antioxidant fix you never knew you needed to freeze time (maybe even turn back time!). The three powerful ingredients work collaboratively for an impressive 48 hours to boost the skin’s natural collagen and elastin layer, minimize melasma (hallelujah!) and fine lines, and create a barrier from free radicals and toxins.Pair a few scoops of G-Pack with Moon Juice’s Plump Jelly for a glowy boost and an extra punch of hydration after cleansing.

Adipeau Active Face Cream, $75 USD

The once-dubbed filler in a bottle, Apideau is the very latest in minimalistic skincare, with an impeccable score on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database. Scientifically proven to restore volume like filler does, without all the harmful chemicals and additives in many commercial skincare products. Formulated with two active naturals, safflower seed oil and Thai black ginger, the cream is like a workout for the face, uniquely absorbed by the hair follicles on the face to support your skin’s capacity for recovery when applied lightly and not rubbed in. It’s already a staple in my routine, and I recommend you pick up a bottle before it sells out again.

Nécessaire Scalp Serum, $78 CAD

Your locks need a little extra TLC during the colder months, and one of my favourite fragrance-free brands Nécessaire has launched a new scalp serum which boasts thicker, fuller, healthier hair in only 60 days. The formula is infused with a biometric peptide of short-chain amino acids, the building blocks of protein, to trigger the skins own ability to make collagen and optimize follicle health. It also helps to minimize thinning (I see you tight ponytail gang) and a Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid supports deep hydration along with Green Tea Extract for itch and flake-relief. The best part about this serum is it’s like water, and doesn’t make your scalp greasy at all and is safe for colour-treated hair. While this product isn’t yet rated on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database, I ran the ingredients list into a custom report with the ingredients and can confirm it is a one, the lowest score available (aka, toxin-free).

GOOPGLOW Afterglow Body Oil, $64

We love a good body oil, especially one packed with nutrients like GOOPGLOW’s latest Afterglow Body Oil. The one draw back we’ve always found with body oil is that you might feel a bit too greased up to get dressed right away, but GOOP has really worked hard on this product, which absorbs basically like a body lotion, so you can get dressed in a couple of minutes instead of slugging for 15 minutes while it absorbs. Formulated with pomegranate, raspberry seed, sea buckthorn, and kakadu plum oils to help firm, smooth and hydrate the skin, this formula instantly quenches and nourishes this skin and leaves skin super soft. Bonus points, it has a delicate yet invigorating natural scent of cedar, ginger, vetiver and violet which make you feel like the gorgeous goddess you are. This product has yet to be rated on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database, but we ran a report and it scored a four overall, but is very low for cancer-causing and developmental and reproductive toxicity, so we’re giving it a go. Those who are sensitive to smells or get allergic reactions easily should use caution with this product.