It’s a new year so obviously, you’re going to need some new skincare products to keep that beautiful body of yours glowing so you won’t even notice your seasonal depression. We’ve tested out a quite few clean, natural, non-toxic options over the past few weeks and rounded up the best ones that work extra hard to hydrate, tone, and lift your spirits.

This month we include a few made close to home by our Canadian friends at Schaf Skincare Living Libations and Three Ships. Check out the full round-up below.

Schaf Skincare Restore, $89

Our latest obsession is fragrance-free products that are uncomplicated and interchangeable within our routine, so naturally we love Schaf Skincare’s entire range, especially their newest product Restore. If your weather-beaten skin needs reviving from the chilly dry winter air (who doesn’t!?), Restore is *the* one. This hard working anti-aging treatment works to address dehydration, builds and balances the skin’s moisture barrier, and targets signs of aging all at once. The combination of hyaluronic acid, pentavitin, peptides,  backuchiol, and niacinamide target hydration and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, while olive squalane, jojoba and grapeseed oils balance the skin’s barrier for better defence against environmental stressors and reduce moisture loss.

It can even be used as an eye cream if you’re looking to simplify your routine a little. Restore is the perfect addition to your winter skincare routine but we have a feeling it might become a year-round favourite.

Peace Out Acne Day Dot, $25-$45

Breakouts happen at any age, especially during winter when half your face is trapped under a hat. Peace Out Acne Day Dots are the perfect way to resist picking and popping when you wake up with a new friend on your face. They’re an ultra sheer version of the Acne Dots, designed to be invisible alone or under makeup. The combination of actives including Hydrocolloid Polymer Technology and Salicylic Acid promises to minimize and clear even the most inflammed breakout in six hours or less.

Living Libations Bergamont Complexion Mist, $24 CAD

From oral hygiene to skincare, we just love everything Living Libations does and their latest Bergamont Complexion Mist is no exception. It’s just the fresh lift your skincare routine needs to bring life back to your winter skincare routine and revive those pores. Combining steam-distilled Italian Bergamot fruit and Palmarose work together to tone and cool the skin

This fruity floral essence can be used any time of the day as a hydrosol, toner, or a quick refresher on a hot day or to lift your spirits on a gloomy grey one without risking photosensitizing. One spray and you’ll be positively hooked, so best get the large bottle so you don’t run out too quickly.

Three Ships Skin Hero Bakuchiol + Calendula Bio-Retinol Serum, $45 CAD

One of our most utilized products has to be serums and we love a hard working one like the new Skin Hero from Canadian brand Three Ships. It combines the natural retinol alternative Bakuchiol to help ease congestion and breakouts, fade fine lines and dark spots from past blemishes, while Calendula calms and restores skin elasticity. Over time you’ll notice a smoother, clearer complexion and improved tone without risking the irritation that traditional retinol often brings.

Summer Fridays Midnight Ritual Retinol Renewal Serum, $89 CAD

Summer Fridays returns with another new launch hot on the heels of their sheer skin tint late last year. This time they’re focusing on anti-aging with their all-new Midnight Ritual Retinol Renewal Serum which combines both retinol and retinyl linoleate. Don’t be discouraged, this formula is gentle and effective (no redness here honey!) at all the things retinol can do – reduce fine lines and wrinkles, target discolouration, and renew the skin’s appearance. The serum includes our fave winter ingredients niacinamide and hyaluronic acid as well as oatmeal and tiger grass to hydrate and calm the skin as you get that beauty rest.