A couple days back we had the chance to meet and chat with cool chic Frankie Rose following her awesome opening set on the first day of Pitchfork Music Festival. She was super bubbly and breezily dressed in a perfect festival outfit of ripped tights, thrifted clothes, including an original Cure tee.

Read our quick Q&A below and head here to read about her set and see some photos.

Sidewalk Hustle: Where are you from?

Frankie Rose: Brooklyn, New York. 

SH: Born and raised?

FR: No, Las Vegas Nevada, via California both North and South


SH: Who or what are you wearing?

FR: I’m wearing a original Cure vintage tee, goggly eyes by Michelangelo – true story that’s his name! The rest are thrift clothes and shoes from Topshop!


SH: Who is your favourite designer?

FR: Oh gosh, I’m the wrong lady to ask, but I mean, I guess you know, Alexander Wang. Solid answer right?

SH: Can’t go wrong with Wang.


SH: What is on repeat for you right now?

FR: It’s really strange because I’m just coming out of recording a record, which means I’m not really listening to anything besides my own music. But honestly I have been listening to weird chamber music, totally boring.


SH: Pitchfork Festival Picks?

FR: I’m excited to see the big guns. Joanna Newsom, I’ve never seen her so I’m excited, but I’m also excited to see Bjork, Belle & Sebastian; bands that I loved many many years ago that I thought I’d never see.