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Let’s face it, we all lead busy lives. We’re all workaholics and we’re short on that much-needed “me-time”. But what if your eating habits were keeping you from being more productive? Wouldn’t you be more inclined to reach for something to eat as soon as those hunger pangs start? Of course you would, so in celebration of the launch of McDonald’s new Great Canadian Taste Adventure, we’ve rounded our five tips to really win on your midday
lunch break.


1. Take it outside.

We Canadians know how short the summer season is, so why spend your lunch hour at your desk when you can head outside? Grab something quick for lunch and head over to a local park or courtyard to get your dose of vitamin D while you chow down. Don’t forget to invite your friends and coworkers.


2. Reach for local choices.

There’s really nothing better than eating what’s in season and nearby, especially in the summer and fall months at the height of harvest time. Local food not only has a smaller carbon footprint, but more often than not better quality and more flavour. Eating locally also means you’ll be able to make better choices when you’re out at restaurants too. Even brands like McDonald’s actually source the majority of their ingredients right here in Canada, like their Summer Country Chicken Burger, made with Ontario farm raised chicken.


3. Track down #InstaFoods.

Thanks to Instagram, you’ll never be able to dig into a particularlygood looking dish without reaching for your camera or phone to snap a photograph. Make your lunch hour more exciting by doing a little scrolling through a local food blog on your Instagram before heading out to grab that same old sandwich. Great food comes with bragging rights, so be sure to snap away and share.


4. Plan an office potluck.

If you’re feeling the envy we mentioned in tip number one, why not bring all the home cooks in your office together by hosting a potluck meal on casual Fridays. You’ll not only have a chance to try that dish you’ve been smelling in the other cubicle, but you’ll also be able to share your family recipes and farmer’s market finds.


5. Treat yourself.

Everybody’s allowed a cheat day once and a while. So make sure to treat yourself every week to something you might not usually reach for. Hot Tip! Right now at McDonald’s locations in Ontario they’re featuring a Chocolate Nanaimo Sundae made with vanilla soft serve (made with Canadian Milk), topped with hot fudge sauce and Nanaimo crumble from BC. Stop salivating and go get yourself one!
Click here for more information on how you can take advantage of McDonald’s Great Canadian Taste Adventure this summer and be sure to tag your photos on social with #GreatTasteCDA.