After a year of using 2015’s gold MacBook, what was easily the sleekest and sexiest laptop from Apple, they’ve dropped a much needed update that somehow tops it. Not only is it a super sexy rose gold colour, which is basically soft pearly pink, Apple has also made some minor improvements to its overall performance.

While the machine is visually more or less the same as last years model, aside from the new colour, there have been some minor improvements, which make it our go-to device at home, the office, and even more so when we travel.

After using the machine for about two weeks, we’ve narrowed down why we dig it into four solid reasons. Check them out below.


After using the 2015 gold MacBook for about years time, we’ve started to notice its speed tapping out, especially when a lot of windows or programs are open, and in use at the same time. Enter, the pinwheel of death – you know, that multicoloured pinwheel that comes up when your computer is imploding while you attempt to open a photo in raw, while watching a youtube video.

If you’re an avid multitasker who’s been on the fence about upgrading, there are some improvements to note on the new MacBook that might sway you towards this gorgeous new pink machine. While the difference is somewhat minute, the SSD speeds are notably faster for someone who’s been using the 2015 edition. It’s got an Intel Skylake Core M processor which not only allows for a fanless design, it also increases speeds to 1.2GHz, roughly 25% faster than the 2015 model.

Battery Life

While the 2015 MacBook boasted an all day battery life, the 2016 addition has been improved to add an additional hour. This is especially good news since they still have yet to evolve the single USBC port  which has often caused issues when you want to charge and and do anything else with the port at the same time. The 2016 MacBook clocks in at around 10-hours battery life when browsing which is good news for most workaholics who generally work longer than 8-hours days.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, the MacBook is one of the most compact laptops on the market at the moment, which makes it perfect the perfect companion for the modern nomad. With economy seat allowances continuing to shrink, size and weight is definitely something to consider, if you’re planning to work while you travel. While the size hasn’t changed from the 12-inch Retina display, the MacBook continues to fit perfectly on your tray table, even when the person sitting in front of you has their seat fully extended back. It’s also the lightest laptop, weighing only two pounds, so light you’ll probably be thinking you’ve forgotten to pack it.


Following in the steps of the rose gold iPhone 6S which launched last fall, this is Apple’s first ever rose gold MacBook. Isn’t she pretty!? If you’re into changing your tech products like you do your seasonal wardrobe, consider their new rose gold edition instead of the more conservative space grey, silver and gold versions. There’s just something about this machine’s new colour that makes a statement, something you don’t often get to do with your laptop. It’s hard to resist.