Picture yourself fully immersed in nature, from all angles, all sides of your vision, under your feet. Can you feel the stress lift as you take a deep breath in? This is how it feels to be at Arcana.

We shared the announcement of this truly unique property back in May of 2021 and were lucky enough to be able to be some of the first guests to experience these micro cabins in Southwestern Ontario. Nestled into an untouched piece of land about two hours north of Toronto, Arcana invites guests to return to the supernatural elements of nature.

The mirrored micro-cabins reflect the forest back onto them, almost disappearing into nature and pack all the modern elements you need into 250 square feet including a queen-size bed, kitchenette, bathroom, work table, as well as a deck with a fire pit to cook over all year round. There’s also an in-room sound journey perfect to switch into the parasympathetic state, a games room where guests can gather and listen to records just a short walk away, and a sauna to help you really sink into rest and relaxation mode.

Guest are encouraged to pack their own ingredients to cook their own meals, however, there are several cute restaurants and local purveyors a short drive away for those who’d prefer not to.

There are over 100 acres on the property with private trails perfect any time of the year. You’ll enjoy the benefits of being in nature, which decreases cortisol and blood pressure, feel totally off the grid and one with the wild (yes there’s still wifi) since you won’t need to interact with anyone during your stay.

Check out our 35mm photo diary from our stay below. Click here to book your stay now.