2013 Festival Style Guide

festival style guide 2013


With two festivals already under our belts this season, we thought it best to wait to assess the weather considering all the unpredictable monsoons we’ve been having! After two out of three rain covered festivals, we thought we should reassess the boho floral crowns and neon body suits.

This style guide hits somewhere between fashion and function, which you often need to be comfortable while rocking out a cute outfit. Weather you’re going to Picthfork this weekend in Chicago, Lollapalooza, The Grove, Osheaga, or Outside Lands, this guide has something for every festival goer.

1    Aigle Miss Juliette Rubber Boots in Ambre$155 CAD
2    Vintage Jean Vest, 69 Vintage, Various Price
3    Illesteva Leonard II 4th of July Red Stripe Sunglasses, $260 US
4    Topshop Aztec Beaded Crop Top, $63 CAD
5    Consonant Body The Perfect Sunscreen, $45 CAD
6    Rachel Comey Weils Sandal, $410 US
7    Biko Double Chainmaille Bracelet, $55 CDN
8    Canon Rebel T4i, $699 CDN
9    Collina Strada Novella Leather Backpack, $463 US
10  UNEARTHEN Gold Lapis Cuff, $500 US
11   Givenchy Le Rogue Fuchsia Irresistible Lipstick, $38 CAD

Aigle Miss Juliette Rubber Boots

Aigle Miss Juliette Rubber Boots in Ambre$155 CAD

By far the best back up item that should in your suitcase, no matter what the forecast, a good pair of rubber boots, because you just never know when a tropical storm will strike. Trust us, there will be mud and you will want to be prepared, but fashionably so. We love these rubbers from French brand Aigle for their sleek feminine footbed not often seen on this kind of boot. Plus these small Miss Juliette’s will fit perfectly into our suitcase as a back up, even if they don’t ever get brought out. Packing tip: roll up belts, accessories, and imitates into the footbed of the boot to save space!

Vintage Denim Vest

Vintage Jean Vest, 69 Vintage, Various Price

Transitional pieces, like a denim vest are always a good idea in case it gets chilly and you need to button up, plus a good vintage one is always fashionable, no matter the weather. We recommend picking one up at 69 Vintage in Toronto, where you’ll find a plethora of styles and washes from different era.

Illesteva Independence Day Sunglasses

Illesteva Leonard II 4th of July Red Stripe Sunglasses, $260 US

If there’s one thing you should NEVER forget to bring when festivalling, it’s a fantastic pair of sunglasses. We’ve been obsessing over these Illesteva 4th of July sunnies for about a week now, and their flashy stripes will make even the most demure outfit pop.

Topshop Aztec Beaded Crop Top

Topshop Aztec Beaded Crop Top, $63 CAD

Last season it was bra tops and bustiers and this season it’s all about cropped tops. We’re over seeing them in solid neon and floral, so we tracked down this beaded aztec number from Topshop. We love the primary colours in the beading and that it’s not overly ornate all over the top which would make it heavy to wear. The sleek black back and zipper make this top easy to pair with jean cut offs too. Score one for $63 CAD online at Topshop.

Consonant SPF 30 Sunscreen

Consonant Body The Perfect Sunscreen, $45 CAD

One of the most important (and often overlooked) elements of festival style is of course skincare! While you may want to get some sun on those pale legs and arms of yours, you most definitely want to make sure you take care of your face to prevent those dreaded wrinkles dun dun dun! We like local skincare company Consonant Body’s Perfect Sunscreen which provides moisturizing coverage that will last well into the evening of the festival, and doesn’t have scents like those pesky drug store brands.

Composed of a “uniquely micronized (non-nano particle) Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide minerals” that protect against UVA and UVB’s and blended with aloe vera, grape seed, and rice bran oil, to even skin tone without going on too heavy. Taking care of your skin is always in fashion, and their Organic Body lotion makes for the perfect after sun soother in case you forget to apply that SPF!

Rachel Comey Weils Sandal

Rachel Comey Weils Sandal, $410 US

A trick we generally stick by at often dusty summer festivals (other than washing our feet in the VIP bathrooms), is that patent leather is your friend. Not only do they stop your feet from smelling and getting uncomfortably sweaty in the searing heat, but they, unlike suede, can be wiped clean easily and still keep you looking fresh!  These Rachel Comey huarache sandals provide coverage to your feet without sacrificing on style – we love the lime green metallic green pop! Pick up a pair for $410 US and own them forever.

Biko Double Chainmaille

Biko Double Chainmaille Bracelet, $55 CDN

We’ve been wearing our Biko single Chainmaille bracelets nearly everyday this summer, they’re so easy to pull onto your wrist, and they do jingle and get caught like other bracelets often do. But sometimes you need something a bit meatier on your arm when considering festival armor, so we recommend picking up the doubled up version of the chainmaille bracelet from local jewelry designer Corrine Anestopoulos. Composed of rubber and brass links, the double chainmaille is perfect for music festival partying, and it may appear to be delicate, but it’s actually totally durable, stretchy, and easy to wear. You can find it online on the Biko site, or at one of the many shops in Toronto who carry her pieces.


Canon Rebel T4i

Canon Rebel T4i, $699 CDN

Yet another festival must have for us is a great reliable camera. We like the Canon Rebel T4i because of its light weight body which is easy to cart around without needing a professional (and often ugly) camera bag. It’s the perfect go to camera for festival photography because it’s got a more powerful DIGIC 5 image processor that can capture action (like crazy guitar solos and stage antics) in crisp fast focus.
It’s even got a more advanced movie setting in case you feel like sneaking in a clip of your favourite band, or a memorable drunken moment with friends, and also features a super powerful mic. Plus, when you’re playing the video back on the cab ride home at the end of the night, you can flip out the touch screen, which is the first of its kind in the EOS rebel range. The vari-angle LCD screen is about 3 inches wide and works perfectly tilted down when your hand is up in the air, capturing a photo and you can’t use the view finder. Couple that with the 5.0 fps continuous shooting, and it’s a darn near perfect camera body to build on over the years for many festivals to come.

Collina Strada Novella Leather Backpack

Collina Strada Novella Leather Backpack, $463 US

Backpacks are really the perfect festival accessory. You can store your camera gear, sunscreen, and a bottle of water without being weighed down on one shoulder like most bags often do. We love this Novella black leather pack from Brooklyn designer Collina Strada because of its simple design that’s not too big in case you wanted to sling it over just one shoulder, or hold it casually in your hand. Pick one up at OAK NYC.

UNEARTHEN Gold Lapis Cuff

UNEARTHEN Gold Lapis Cuff, $500 US

Crystals and bohemian style jewels are really in this season, but we always try and steer clear of anything overly trendy and go for truly bad ass, timeless jewels. And this UNEARTHEN gold lapis cuff is so cool, is without a doubt beyond bad ass. Available online at Bona Drag, the banded 18k gold cuff is set with three pyramid stones, one large weapon-like lapis lazuli and two smaller clear quartz pyramids that balance its girth out on either side. As if this doesn’t already sound totally special to you, it actually comes packaged in a cute leather medicine pouch for safe keeping.

Givenchy Le Rogue Fuchsia Irresistible Lipstick

Givenchy Le Rogue Fuchsia Irresistible Lipstick, $38 CAD

There’s nothing more perfect in the summer than a good hot pink lipstick, and at the moment we’re obsessed with Givenchy’s Le Rouge in ‘Fuchsia Irresistible’. Everything from the application to the down to the packaging is beautiful; the French do lipstick better.
The container is covered in black leather with silver metal stud accents unlike most luxury lipsticks which are usually made of cheap plastic eventually chipping off while rattling around with your keys over many months and inside is the glorious Givenchy branded pink column of colour. It elevates nearly every outfit giving it that fresh summery pop, even when you might be hiding sleepy bags behind your sunnies, one application of Le Rouge and you feel impossibly French and beautiful all over again.
Lipstick really doesn’t get anymore luxe than this.