Being out on the NYC streets during fashion week is a hustle, especially when the weather is so bone chilling that you dread walking from your Uber into the venue. We were impressed to find, much like us Canadians, the crowds at New York Fashion Week know how to make their layers look intensionally effortless. We spotted celebrities like Lucky Blue Smith (not even looking a little bit cold in a leather jacket), Kristina Bazan, and Aimee Song all looking warm and fabulous.

Scroll down to see the rest of our street style shots from earlier this week.

NYFW Fall 2016-2

NYFW Fall 2016-3

NYFW Fall 2016-4

NYFW Fall 2016-5

NYFW Fall 2016-6

NYFW Fall 2016-7

NYFW Fall 2016-8

NYFW Fall 2016-9

NYFW Fall 2016-10

NYFW Fall 2016NYFW Fall 2016-11

NYFW Fall 2016-12

NYFW Fall 2016-13

NYFW Fall 2016-14

NYFW Fall 2016-15

NYFW Fall 2016-16

photos by Mauricio Calero.