Your great-aunt’s annual Boxing Day brunch. Your new boyfriend’s sister’s Christmas Eve dinner. Your rowdiest bestie from undergrad’s holiday mixer. And of course, the classic work Secret Santa exchange. Whatever the occasion, ‘tis the season of gifting and event-going.

You’re better than a bottle of Pinot Noir, a cozy scarf, or a pair of slippers. You want squeal of delight, mouths agape, and newfound respect for your gift-giving taste and thoughtfulness. So here it is, our top pics for the perfect holiday housewarming gift.

Tom Dixon Swirl Black & White Marble Candelabra, $378 CAD

Candle? Nope. Fancy candle-holder? Even better. We give you the candelabra, a Tom Dixon Swirl Black & White Marble Candelabra. These striking, marble-based geometric forms are stacked upon on top of each other, and each piece has a unique pattern from the pouring process.

Fredericks and Mae Chopping Block, $95.00 USD

Take your breath away aren’t words you usually associate with a cutting board, but this little gem warrants it. Composed of leftover materials, this plastic chopping block (11″ x 16″ x 1) with a powder-coated metal handle deserves front row access in the kitchen and is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd of gifted water pitchers and vases.

Moth Fruit Bowl by Sin, $95

Is this art? An elegant light fixture? It can be whatever you want it to be. This striking fruit bowl screams modern minimalism and can be used for an imperfect delica squash, a perfect persimmon or as a stand alone piece of beauty. Made in Brooklyn, available at Toronto’s Easy Tiger Goods, this unique piece is sure to impress your flossiest friend.

Seedlip Trio Gift Box, $53 CAD

Living that clean, dry life has never been more enticing than with Seedlip’s trio of non-alcoholic spirits. Give the gift of beautiful taste sans the ensuing hangover with this adorable gift box featuring a lineup of complex flavours including warm, spicy citruses, zesty lemongrass herb garden essences. Serve with tonic, create non-alcoholic cocktails – this type of thoughtful gift works beautifully for the imbiber and teetotaler alike.

Totem Candles $12-$20

Perfectly crafted neutral candles to add class to any home. These Totem Candles may be unscented, but they’re way cooler than your average taper candle. They burn for 15/25/35 hours depending on the size and are a classic choice for a hostess gift this season.

Monocle Guide To Shops, Kiosks and Markets, $50.23 CAD

Where would we be with Monocle’s impeccable taste? Travel guides, perfectly curated stores – we are followers of the gospel of Monocle. Their latest book unpacks a perfect shopping experience and provides wisdom to create and launch your own store. Plus, the brand offers their selection of top 100 stores from around the globe, to inspire even further wanderlust. This gift is perfect for the petit entrepreneur in your life, the dreamer, the go-getter, the aspirational one.

Poketo Acrylic Incense Holder, $15

Simple, small, with a unique touch. If you’re looking for a little something something, these acrylic boat & art incense holders from Poketo are neutral enough to bring delight to anyone on your list who enjoys incense. Give the gift of zen, beautiful scents and minimalist design.

Cold Picnic Boob Pillow, $99

Who doesn’t love boobs? This cheeky throw pillow is sure to elicit blushing, grins and chuckles of laughter. Chain-stitched, 100% cotton jacquard and made in Brooklyn, this luxe little number inspires the sweetest dreams or at the very least snoozes on the couch.

Sky Porcelain Dessert Plate Set, $65.95 USD

Are you eating from the heavens? Yes, yes, with these plates you certainly are. The MoMa presents an exclusive dessert plate set from Japanese designer Kaoru Shibata. Both sides of these 7.7” diameter plates are adorned with images that depict the beauty of the sky. Get this for the cake queen in your life, the macaron afficionado, or simply, someone who loves dessert.

Concrete Cat Ambrosia Lazy Susan, $265 USD

Lazy susans are a classic choice for a host gift: useful, functional and multi-purpose. This 5″ H x 14″ beauty is made by hand with pigmented concrete from Canadian designer Concrete Cat by hand, and come in a stunning array of colour schemes.

Nothing Fancy, Alison Roman, $24.49

You must be on a digital cleanse if you haven’t heard of Alison Roman. NYTimes columnist, Bon Appetit contributor and author of Dining In, Roman is the It girl in the cooking world right now, a title she rightfully deserves. Her latest compilation of recipes runs the gamut of mains, sides, snacks and desserts that pan cultural influences and can be molded together to create a perfect dinner party menu. We’ve vetted this book for you and trust, the cook in your life will be pleased as punch to receive this book.