Having trouble finding a new spot for that upcoming dinner or lunch date? Or just up for ANYTHING new? Well, look no further because there are plenty of new restaurants in Canada getting praise. Since 2015, the annual list has become a go-to for foodies to reference. And this year we’re stoke to see some of our fondest new Toronto restaurants making that reference list.

First, how do you get on the list?

Typically, judges have voted on the complete dining experience, so the service, the food, the décor, and the quality of it all—up close IRL. In 2022, however, judges were asked to rate based on however they “experienced” the food, which includes takeout. Also, the definition of “new” restaurants is defined as those that opened over the last two calendar years instead of just one. This year also welcomed 12 new judges to the roster.

So, who made the list?

Coming in the top spot is Vancouver’s Published, followed by Toronto’s Alo, St. Lawrence (Vancouver), The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette (Jordan Station, ON), and Langdon Hall (Cambridge, ON).

Check out the full list below.

1. Published (Vancouver)

2. Alo (Toronto)

3. St. Lawrence (Vancouver)

4. The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette (Jordan Station, ON)

5. Langdon Hall (Cambridge, ON)

6. Vin Mon Lapin (Montreal)

7. Edulis (Toronto)

8. Canoe (Toronto)

9. Boulevard (Vancouver)

10. River Café (Calgary)

11. Sushi Masaki Saito (Toronto)

12. Major Tom (Calgary)

13. Bar Kismet (Halifax)

14. Giulia (Toronto)

15. Dreyfus (Toronto)

16. Beba (Verdun)

17. Monarque (Montreal)

18. D.O.P. (Calgary)

19. Shoushin (Toronto)

20. Giulietta (Toronto)

21. L’Express (Montreal)

22. Shokunin (Calgary)

23. Oca Pastificio (Vancouver)

24. Le Mousso (Montreal)

25. Hawksworth (Vancouver)

26. Joe Beef (Montreal)

27. Bernhardts (Toronto)

28. Don Alfonso 1890 (Toronto)

29. Kissa Tanto (Vancouver)

30. Pompette (Toronto)

31. Montréal Plaza (Montreal)

32. La Quercia (Vancouver)

33. Mimi Chinese (Toronto)

34. Scaramouche (Toronto)

35. Est (Toronto)

36. Eight (Calgary)

37. Pluvio (Ucluelet, BC)

38. Bar Isabel (Toronto)

39. Pastel (Montreal)

40. North & Navy (Ottawa)

41. AnnaLena (Vancouver)

42. Hexagon (Oakville)

43. Riviera (Ottawa)

44. Supply and Demand (Ottawa)

45. Pichai (Montreal)

46. Tojo (Vancouver)

47. Testu Sushi Bar (Vancouver)

48. L’Abattoir (Vancouver)

49. Jun I (Montreal)

50. Alice (Ottawa)

51. The Pine (Collingwood, ON)

52. Le Vin Papillon (Montreal)

53. Alma (Outremont)

54. Primal (Saskatoon)

55. Maison Publique (Montreal)

56. Atelier (Ottawa)

57. Beckta (Ottawa)

58. Nora Gray (Montreal)

59. Milos (Montreal)

60. Il Pagliaccio (Montreal)

61. Botanist (Vancouver)

62. Hearth (Saskatoon)

63. Nupo (Calgary)

64. 20 Victoria (Toronto)

65. Marconi (Montreal)

66. The Inn at Bay Fortune (Bay Fortune, PEI)

67. La Tanière (Quebec City)

68. Maenam (Vancouver)

69. Gia (Montreal)

70. Île Flottante (Montreal)

71. La Cabane d’à Côté (St-Benoît de Mirabel, QC)

72. Ten Foot Henry (Calgary)

73. Bearfoot Bistro (Whistler)

74. Maque (Winnipeg)

75. Savio Volpe (Vancouver)

76. Quetzal (Toronto)

77. Les Fougères (Chelsea, QC)

78. Say Mercy! (Vancouver)

79. Baan Lao (Richmond, BC)

80. Enigma (Toronto)

81. Mastard (Montreal)

82. Lulu Bar (Calgary)

83. Close Company (Winnipeg)

84. Beaumont (Montreal)

85. Paloma (Montreal)

86. JinBar (Calgary)

87. Orchard (Calgary)

88 Battuto (Quebec)

89. Araxi (Whistler, BC)

90. Cioppino’s (Vancouver)

91. Elena (Montreal)

92. Alobar (Yorkville)

93. Fogo Island Inn (Newfoundland)

94. Alma (Toronto)

95. Bacchus (Vancouver)

96. Nightingale (Vancouver)

97. Arvi (Quebec City)

98. Foreign Concept (Calgary)

99. Aburi Hana (Toronto)

100. Joso’s (Toronto)

Main photo: Alo