10 Swoon-Worthy Valentines Gifts

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2015

Valentines day is officially only a couple of weeks away and if you boyfriend is anything some of the guys I’ve met, they’ll probably be getting you the drugstore special (or even worse, the supermarket special) this holiday. This Valentines day say NO to bad chocolate, ugly flowers, and ridiculous stuffed animals, because your lady deserves better.

We rounded up ten gifts sure to make your girl swoon hard on Valentines day.

Mary Young Valentines Set

1. Mary Young Valentines Set, $98

You might not know your date well enough to surprise her with lingerie, but if you do, trust us, it’s worth the gamble. We suggest this matching limited edition bra and pantie set from local loungewear designer Mary Young. The set combines mesh and velvet elastic for a super sexy look that’s also ultra comfortable for any body type to wear.

Virginia Johnson Geranium Candle

2. Virginia Johnson Geranium Candle, $45

Local Toronto textile and fashion designer Virginia Johnson has released a line of luxury candles for the spring season. Made with soy wax in Canada, these candles are the perfect singular gift for you lover, especially if you’re doing the whole trail of rose petals to the bedroom act. Have one of these yummy candles burning to lure your lover with the delicious scent of geraniums!

Karen Walker Maze Dusty Pink & Gold Sunglasses
3. Karen Walker Maze Dusty Pink & Gold Sunglasses, $349

Every girl loves a good pair of luxury sunglasses, and Karen Walker makes some of the most iconic cool girl ones out there. These rose-coloured lensed shades are exactly the most practical to block the sun out, but they are a gorgeously festive petal pink colour. Surprise her with something she probably wouldn’t buy for herself to score extra points.

Valentines Day Flowers

4. Really Fucking Beautiful Flowers, from $250

I’m a bit of a flower snob, especially when it comes to Valentines Day. Varieties are hard to find, red roses are over picked, overpriced, and overrated, and guys just generally don’t know what to buy when they walk into their florist. I have some advice for you guys: don’t skimp, forget the red roses, and do send her flowers at the office. Not only will her co-workers be fuming with jealousy when a gorgeous bouquet shows up, she’ll not only have you on her mind at home, but also the office! Plus there’s no point in giving her flowers at dinner she’ll just have to lug around all evening. Those in Toronto can call Black Eyed Susan’s to recreate the above arrangement of poppies, peach parrot tulips, Free Spirit roses, Hydrangeas, Lysianthus, and Daffodils.

Delfina Delettrez Glittered Eye Piercing Ring
5. Delfina Delettrez Glittered Eye Piercing Ring, $540

A heart necklace from Tiffany’s comes and goes, but original jewellery purchases last forever. Have a cool fashion-obsessed girlfriend? Then she’ll love this Delfina Delettrez glittered eye piercing ring which features 9 karat gold and a pearl hand crafted by the designer who is a fourth generation Fendi heiress in her atelier in Rome. It takes a lot of guts to give a girl a ring just purely for fashion, and as a ring-less women, I can say, I wish more men gifted beautiful jewelry, hold the gran proposal.

Momofuku Milkbar Cranberry Gingerbread Cake

6. Momofuku Milkbar Cranberry Gingerbread Cake$44

Ditch the macaron and the bad waxy drugstore chocolates guys! You can do better with Momofuku Milkbar’s EPIC cakes. They’ve always got Birthday Cake on the shelves, but this seasonal variety with Cranberry and gingerbread is bound to impress any gourmand who may have already tried their other flavours.

Sophia Webster Amanda Sandal

7. Sophia Webster Amanda Sandal$480

There are few things more exciting for a girl than receiving a new pair of shoes. Especially these toweringly cute sandals from Sophia Webster’s current collection. Composed with pink patent leather and a black and white etched heart heel, these babies are bound to impress. Who knows, maybe she’ll even try them on naked for you 😉

8. NAILS INC. Alexa Hearts Polish, $19

Maybe you haven’t got a man in your life but you still want to take part in the festivities. Gift your best buddy a manicure with this super cute polish created by cool-girl Alexa Chung for Nails Inc. and spend the night in watching Netflix and doing each other manis.

Mansur Gavriel Saffiano Leather Bucket Bag

9. Mansur Gavriel Saffiano Leather Bucket Bag, $625

Getting the girl you love the bag she simply cannot get her hands on is a serious way to score big points with your lady on Valentines Day. We’ve been trying to get our hands on one of these Mansur Gavriel bucket bags for some time now, but the New York based designers pieces never seem to stay on shelves. I challenge you dudes, got out a get your lady something extraordinary this holiday that she’ll be proud to show off to her friends (this does not include a bear with magnetic hands that fits onto a vase of flowers).

Agent Provocateur Heart Pasties

10. Agent Provocateur Heart Pasties, $90

Be playful this Valentines Day with these sequined heart pasties from Agent Provocateur. Pretty much every girl loves the store, and if they can afford it, they’re regulars. So light some candles, and excite her inner bad girl with these silky tasselled play things.

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